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    Mailbox Continuity


    Mimecast Mailbox Continuity provides uninterrupted access to live and archive email using Outlook for Windows, the web, and mobile applications

    Mimecast protects against planned and unplanned email server outages without the cost and complexity of alternatives.

    In the event of a sudden email outage or planned downtime, Mimecast provides uninterrupted access to live and historic email and attachments from the Mimecast Cloud using everyday tools like Outlook for Windows, the web, and mobile applications. Employees get guaranteed access to email — from anywhere, on any device. And administrators can monitor email flow, receive alerts, and manage a business continuity event all from Mimecast.

    Combined with Mimecast Email Security, security teams can ensure full security controls even during an email outage.


    Guarantee access to email, no matter what

    In the event of unplanned downtime, whether due to a Microsoft 365 outage or a severe ransomware attack, Mimecast can ensure business continuity.

    Email Continuity Management

    Continuity Event Management minimizes response times to mail flow issues by allowing administrators to proactively monitor high latency or failed deliveries. Real-time alerts notify IT staff of service disruptions, while users receive notifications on how to stay connected to email when the primary system is unavailable.

    How It Works

    Mimecast Mailbox Continuity, explained.

    Mimecast keeps employees sending and receiving email even when on-premises, cloud or hybrid mail environments are down.

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