Lewis Silkin elimineert de verborgen risico's van e-mailbeveiliging

About Lewis Silkin LLP

Lewis Silkin LLP is a 42-partner commercial law firm based in the City of London with an additional office in Oxford. The firm delivers its services through eleven client-facing groups: Construction; Corporate; Defamation; Employment & Incentives; Housing and project finance; Litigation and dispute resolution; Marketing services; Media, Brands & Technology; Partnerships & LLPs; Property; and Sport. Clients range from large corporations and plcs to entrepreneurs and come from a wide range of sectors, from media to social housing and property, government agencies and utilities to corporate financiers, restaurants and retailers.

Jan Durant, Head of IT at Lewis Silkin LLP, understood that risks to the company’s email systems would present real risks to the firm’s operation. Besides addressing risks like spam and viruses, Jan Durant and her team were also looking at the less obvious risks.

Spam filter errors which disrupt legitimate business communications, the potential of email service outages and fragmented management of technologies across the email delivery chain were all issues Lewis Silkin wished to address.

Challenges of fragmented email management

Lewis Silkin was using a managed service spam and virus protection provider in conjunction with a software-based email hygiene gateway on their own network. In addition it had systems for attachment controls and legal notice assignment. The IT team were anxious not to accumulate additional point solutions and costs; however they felt that if none of their existing providers had solutions to the issues they would need to look at new technologies.

Not just a security solution

Lewis Silkin was already working with Mimecast reseller Datashare Solutions on a strategy to mitigate security and continuity risks. Datashare therefore introduced Mimecast after observing it checked the boxes Lewis Silkin needed to address. A decision to implement Mimecast followed.

“Our choice of Mimecast came down to a few factors;” comments Jan Durant. “Among these were Mimecast’s security which offered us what no other anti-spam solution did - full mitigation against the business disruptions caused by spam filter errors and a comprehensive virus protection strategy. We also liked the real-time email continuity facility and its advantages over alternative email DR options.”

One Service for email management

“Mimecast effectively replaces four different products for us;” says Jan Durant. “It will also help us to finally solve the problem of ensuring legitimate emails aren’t blocked while freeing up our IT staff’s valuable time from sifting through quarantine folders.”

Lewis Silkin now also has access to Mimecast’s unique Always On email continuity feature, a web-based facility which lets end users carry on doing business in event of an outage or email server downtime.

Datashare Technical Director, Phil Moore, believes that by rationalizing the software in the Lewis Silkin email delivery chain and by leveraging Mimecast’s consolidated reporting, the firm reduces its risks even further. “Visibility and control are the first steps towards risk reduction;” says Phil Moore. “Implementing Mimecast delivers the risk mitigations we were aiming to achieve.”

Mimecast offers a single solution to a number of email management problems. The online platform includes email security, policy control, long term email retention, compliance tools, legal notice and disclaimer management, email marketing tools and more.

The service is modular and pricing is flexible so clients can select and pay only for what they need to use. Mimecast can be deployed instantly as an online service, fits seamlessly with all existing email systems, integrates with Active Directory and can reduce email management costs by over 70%

[2021/01] Lewis Silkin, LLP
Sector: legal
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