Catch up on the past week's cybersecurity news. 

The past week's headlines centered around the ever closer GDPR deadline and how to make sure your brand is prepared and protected, and how hard to achieve the "right to be forgotten" will actually be. News around security centered on the insecurity of HR apps, brute force and dictionary attacks,  WannaCry, phishing attacks at work, and healthcare ransomware. 

  1. Despite poor IT visibility, HR apps are the most highly used cloud services Via SC Magazine
    • Despite a lack of appropriate visibility and control measures in place, cloud-based HR applications are now the most highly used cloud applications across organisations, with 139 such apps being used by organisations on average.
  2. Brute force and dictionary attacks up 400 percent in 2017 Via SC Magazine
    • The new report also finds information stealing malware still vastly more popular among hackers than ransomware. Hacking attempts using brute force or dictionary attacks have increased 400 percent in 2017, according to a report.
  3. Getting Ready For GDPR Via Forbes
    • It is estimated by the International Association of Privacy Professionals and EY that Fortune's Global 500 companies will spend roughly $7.8 billion in order to ensure they are compliant with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which comes into effect in Europe in May this year. Whilst many of GDPR’s main concepts and principles overlap with the current Data Protection Act, there are some new elements and significant enhancements that will come into effect which brands and retailers need to be preparing for. With the May 25th deadline fast approaching, brands and retailers with operations in Europe will need to finalise what GDPR means to them operationally and opportunistically.
  4. WannaCry hits 12 Connecticut state agencies Via SC Magazine
    • About one dozen Connecticut government agencies were hit late last week with what one published report said was a WannaCry ransomworm attack that has knocked about 160 computers offline. is reporting that the attack began late Friday afternoon and eventually impacted 12 separate agencies. NECN learned the attack involved WannaCry when it became privy to a state email discussing the attack. The agencies involved in the attack were not named.
  5. How hard will the GDPR right to be forgotten be to get right? Via Tech Target
    • Information security professionals who think they've got it all under control may be surprised to find that some parts of the EU's new General Data Protection Regulation, like the GDPR's right to be forgotten, may be more challenging than they expect.
  6. Phishing attacks at work  Via Talking Technology
    • Mimecast’s own Ed Jennings joins Nick Bennett and Trevor Long on Talking Technology to talk about the latest phishing attack that get you while you are at work.
  7. Assessing security risks in your business and organization Via ITPro Today
    • Five technology experts discuss the challenges companies face with assessing security risks and handling the related issues that come with today's constant barrage of security threats.
  8. Email: The often ignored factor in strong cybersecurity  Via Security Brief AU
    • With the rise of ‘cool’ new corporate chat applications like Slack, Microsoft Teams and Workplace by Facebook, email, that dependable but unsexy workhorse of business communication, is often low priority for IT teams allocating resources and budget.  However, despite these new applications, email remains the lifeblood of every organisation. Because of its importance, and the information it carries, email is a major target for cybercriminals looking to attack an organisation and its people.
  9. Healthcare Ransomware, Data Breaches Represent Top Industry Threats Via Health IT Security
    • The 2018 HIMSS Cybersecurity Survey determined that healthcare ransomware, credential stealing malware, and data breaches are main risk areas.
  10. Cyber threats are ‘coming at us from all sides,’ FBI director says Via The Boston Globe
    • In a highly anticipated speech on cyber security at Boston College, FBI Director Christopher A. Wray said Wednesday that the threat of digital warfare is “coming at us from all sides.”
  11. Cryptocurrency scammers on twitter pose as celebrities to steal digital cash Via Newsweek
    • Celebrities and technologists including SpaceX founder Elon Musk and anti-virus expert John McAfee are being targeted in a persistent Twitter scam that attempts to steal cryptocurrency using fake accounts and bot networks that promise ‘giveaway’ offers to their followers.  Using social networks to facilitate phishing campaigns, the long-running scam is the modern-day equivalent of the trusty Nigerian Prince email scam—praying on the gullible to make easy money. Reports of the fraud have been surfacing online since February, and it shows no signs of slowing down.


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