Monday Blues for Office 365 Users 

Office 365 down

Employees logging on to Office 365 on Monday found that they were unable to send or receive emails - not the start of the week that many were expecting. Microsoft confirmed that some Office 365 users may have been unable to connect to the Exchange Online service, also covered by mainstream media outlets. Office 365 is a popular cloud-based productivity tool, with many great business benefits, so it’s no wonder that it has more than 100 million active users.

Mountains of downtime

However, Office 365 is not immune to outages and it goes down from time to time affecting thousands of businesses. Monday's Office 365 outage started around 7.20AM UTC, with “aftershocks”, lasting up nine hours disrupting email services across the UK, Netherland, South Africa and parts of the Middle East, and even after the issue was resolved, email was still trickling in as the backlog was being cleared.

With Office 365 email being a dominant form of business communication, consider the impact on businesses – with emails being down. Customer responses can’t be sent quickly which creates negative perceptions, reputational damage and may even cause them to switch to a competitor.

Peaks of Despair

Office 365 disruptions also affect internal workflows – not being able to receive information from colleagues, or meet the temptation to use external email or public file sharing tools is high, each with its own security risks and potentially catastrophic consequences if these tools have a security breach.

Triggering email continuity

Proactively monitoring inbound and outbound email flow and setting thresholds to trigger an email continuity service protects email users from potential Office 365 disruption. This keeps users productive, allowing them to send and receive emails securely, view calendar information or archive emails, all which make for a great user experience.  

Leave nothing to chance

To mitigate the single vendor risk with Office 365, a multi-cloud strategy which includes Mimecast Continuity service means that your emails are always on and accessible even during an Office 365 outage. You keep control of business-critical email communications. Email communication workflows and access to business information are accessible from mobile or desktop devices, transparently, with existing security and compliance policies in place until the Office 365 service has been restored.

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