Yesterday, Office 365 suffered hours of service degradation, causing major email and business disruption. The media reported that Exchange Online Protection's filtering infrastructure could have been at fault.

Now imagine this: It’s early afternoon on a work day, and your company’s email server goes down. Every last mailbox is affected, unable to send or receive messages. This could cripple employee productivity and ultimately cost you customer relationships, partnerships, and financial loss. But, you have Microsoft Office 365, so this won’t happen to you, right? This is where you’re wrong. This line of thinking could have major implications not only productivity but on the security of your organization’s data. After all, this very scenario just happened.

Microsoft explained the issue in an update, saying, “We identified that a recent update to the environment caused an EOP process that analyzes email to perform below acceptable thresholds, causing email messages to queue from both inbound and outbound sources.”

Thanks for the explanation, guys. But this doesn’t mean that you’re off the hook. Ironically, yesterday was the last day in Microsoft’s financial year, and for most businesses, the last day of the quarter. If you suffered downtime during such a critical time in your fiscal year, how would this affect your business?

This isn’t the first time Office 365 has experienced an issue and it certainly won’t be the last. If you are an Office 365 customer and still don’t have a Plan B for continuity in the cloud, are you exposing your business to failure?

Office 365 delivers efficiencies around time and cost, in fact, we’re on it here at Mimecast. But, this is your business and you need to start to plan for the worst. IT teams build disaster recovery plans for on-premises systems. But you need the same level of planning in a cloud-first world. You could be missing out on valuable and attainable services built to keep email running in the cloud, and your business could suffer during the next outage.

Find out more about how we can help keep your business running during an Office 365 outage here.


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