Privacy And Security In Healthcare

    Ensure privacy and security in healthcare with Mimecast.

    Attacks on email threaten privacy and security in healthcare

    Ensuring privacy and security in healthcare is a critical priority for IT teams in healthcare organizations. From HIPAA to HITECH and PHI regulations, there are strict standards for protecting patient health information, and failing to ensure IT security in healthcare can result in fines, legal action, damage to reputation and loss of profitability.

    For IT teams charged with cybersecurity in healthcare settings, securing email is a particularly important challenge. Email-born ransomware attacks are on the rise and now account for 72% of all malware in healthcare settings. And because email is so central to communication between providers, patients and their caregivers, ensuring privacy and security in healthcare must extend to protecting email messages from theft and leaks while ensuring HIPAA encryption requirements.

    IT teams in healthcare organizations have often chose to address multiple threats by deploying multiple best-of-breed point solutions, but this practice can be expensive, cumbersome and difficult to manage. For organizations that want to ensure HIPAA IT compliance and support privacy and security in healthcare more easily, Mimecast provides a cost-efficient, all-in-one solution.




    Ensure privacy and security in healthcare with Mimecast

    Mimecast offers email security, archiving and continuity solutions through a cloud-based subscription service that minimizes the cost and complexity of ensuring privacy and security in healthcare. With Mimecast, healthcare organizations can easily safeguard protected health information in email, prevent email-borne attacks and make email and archives continuously available to employees – even during an outage.

    Mimecast solutions for privacy and security in healthcare include:

    • Mimecast Secure Messaging. This service for healthcare secure messaging enables users to send encrypted, secure messages directly from their inbox. Secure Messaging satisfies regulations for HIPAA encrypted email without requiring expertise in encryption or burdensome client installation requirements.
    • Mimecast Targeted Threat Protection. To combat ransomware, spear-phishing, impersonation and other advanced threats, Mimecast blocks malicious URLs and weaponized attachments in email, as well as messages that contain social engineering techniques common to CEO fraud and other impersonation attacks.
    • Mimecast Content Control and DLP. This service scans all outbound email to identify potential leaks, inadvertent or malicious. When content in an email appears to be suspicious, Mimecast can block, quarantine or encrypt the email based on administrator-defined policy.


    Benefits of Mimecast solutions for privacy and security in healthcare

    More than 1000 global healthcare organizations trust Mimecast to help provide privacy and security in healthcare. With Mimecast email services, organizations can:

    • Deploy a single solution that delivers a multilayered approach to email security.
    • Scale easily as needed with Mimecast's cloud-based services.
    • Simplify management and streamline troubleshooting with a single console for managing email security.
    • Provide users with access to email anywhere, on any device, to improve productivity and reduce cost to the IT help desk.

    Learn more about achieving privacy and security in healthcare with Mimecast.

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