Mimecast vs. Symantec

    You need an advanced, cloud-based email and collaboration security solution partner that’s 100% committed to the technology – and to you.

    Why Mimecast?

    Mimecast’s comprehensive, cloud-based cyber resilience solutions deliver better efficacy with less complexity. What’s more, email security is at the heart of our business. This is what we do. It’s what we’re committed to for the long term. And we combine that commitment with unsurpassed support and experience for every customer we serve.

    A full commitment to email security

    Since its Broadcom merger, Symantec appears to be deemphasizing both email and collaboration security technologies and many of their commercial customers. But 94% of attacks still enter by email. At Mimecast, we believe email and collaboration security is more crucial than ever. We’ve redoubled our commitment to advancing efficacy and ease-of-use, empowering our solutions with greater intelligence, integrating and extending them, and helping you get more value from them.

    Collaboration is more important than ever

    • Communucations first.Our strategy is clear: provide the best cybersecurity and resilience services, starting with communications.
    • Low cost, high return. Our focus is reflected in superior efficacy and lower total cost of ownership.
    • Future-proofed.We’re investing heavily in machine learning to make email security even more effective, and in our XI platform and APIs to help you use it in new ways.
    • Email Security-focued. Broadcom’s post-merger investor presentation doesn’t even mention email security.
    • Invested in growth.“We haven’t seen [Broadcom] make an effort to integrate the products or invest in them… there doesn’t seem to be a vision or roadmap...” –Eric Parizo, senior analyst, Ovum
    • Seamless transitions.We’ve successfully transitioned many organizations from Symantec’s on-premises and cloud-based email security; talk to us before you renew with Symantec.




    Comprehensive cyber resilience

    Mimecast’s complete solution maximizes resilience before, during and after email threats – including data backup, recovery, and continuity services to remediate data loss or corruption from any source. Since Symantec sold Enterprise Vault, it can’t provide these services directly. Plus, with Mimecast’s inline awareness training, employees get relevant guidance based on what they just clicked. You can’t get that from Symantec. It’s one more way our total resilience approach improves efficacy and cuts risk.

    • End-to-end attack protection. Mimecast combines pre- and post-attack protection, continuity services in case your primary email system goes down and backup/recovery if emails or mailboxes are corrupted or lost.
    • Centralized operations.To integrate features such as backup, restore, and e-discovery, Symantec must use a third-party archival solution – one more vendor to manage.
    • Comperhensive support.We provide full mobile and SMS support and full integration with Outlook – Symantec doesn’t.

    Cloud-based. Easy. Automated.

    Mimecast’s cloud solution delivers greater efficacy with less effort. There are no appliances to manage, everything’s architected for maximum performance and scalability and updates and innovations arrive automatically, continually. From automated remediation to continuity, you manage all facets of email security via one interface. Open APIs and easy wizard-driven integrations let you apply email security insights from your endpoints to your SOAR playbooks – and respond faster, everywhere.

    More modern, more complete, and easier to use

    • Born in the cloud. Purpose-built true multitenant cloud solution with microservices architecture eliminates the limitations of obsolete appliance or VM models.
    • One dashboard. Unlike Symantec, Mimecast offers one unified login and an easy user interface for everything – so you have more management flexibility, and everyone’s more productive.
    • API ecosystem.Pre-built, wizard-driven integrations connect systems from 50+ leading providers, including Crowdstrike, Netskope, Rapid7, PaloAlto, ServiceNow and Microsoft.
    • Combined Knowledge. Share real-time (often two-way) intelligence for action, from endpoints and firewalls to SOAR playbooks and SIEM systems.
    • Tailor-made defenses. Confidently choose new solutions knowing they can benefit from intelligence generated by Mimecast’s world-class email gateway.

    Relentless focus on customer success

    Mimecast believes in closely consultative relationships, and we do what it takes to help our customers succeed. We’re proud of our commitment and our reputation for putting customers first – every customer, not just a privileged subset. That’s something not every company can say. Ask our customers, and theirs, and decide for yourself.

    Legendary customer service and support

    • Every Mimecast customer has a dedicated Customer Success team.
    • We work with every customer to build a success plan for getting the most from their investment.
    • We take a consultative approach based on listening rather than dictating solutions.
    • We have extensive resources and strong processes for integration and/or migration.
    • We offer real opportunities to partner and influence product roadmaps.
    • Mimecast excels in customer support and user experience Forrester EIA Wave
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