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    Enterprise ransomware protection is one of the fastest-growing services in cybersecurity.

    Best ransomware protection for enterprise

    Enterprise ransomware protection is one of the fastest-growing services in cybersecurity. Not only have the number of ransomware attacks increased in recent years, but so too has the trend known as “big game hunting” where cybercriminals target enterprises or organizations who can presumably pay large ransoms.

    But beyond the obvious need every enterprise has for ransomware protection lies a challenge in keeping your organization secure without compromising efficiency of everyday operations and communications. There’s also the challenge of reducing human error, and inspiring company culture to embrace ransomware protection the same way everyone knows to keep doors and cabinets secure from unauthorized users.

    Mimecast offers enterprise ransomware solutions that meet all of these challenges to enable your organization to operate with its usual efficiency but more secure from suffering ransomware attacks that cost other millions.

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    What is enterprise ransomware protection?

    Enterprise ransomware protection is a solution designed for large organizations. The fundamental concepts of protecting a network of any size from ransomware breaches are the same, but large organizations have unique logistical challenges such as:

    Data backup

    One of the most crucial components of ransomware protection is data backup. That way if cybercriminals manage to bypass your security systems, you still have access to important files and/or restart your system without paying the ransom.

    A smaller organization may elect to back up their data on external hard drives, but this can quickly become impractical for a larger organization with multiple offices, locations, and remote workers.

    Instead, Mimecast offers a cloud-based backup system that is both secure from cyberattacks and easy to comply with. Once set up, all email communications are automatically backed up, freeing your IT department to focus on less tedious tasks like regularly manually backing up the data and ensuring compliance from your team.

    Security awareness training

    The overwhelming majority of ransomware breaches stem from human error, but security awareness training can help individuals recognize tell-tale signs of ransomware and how to respond accordingly. In a large organization it can be difficult to coordinate training that all members can attend, and those who attend a single session will only retain so much from it.

    Mimecast offers security awareness training videos that are accessible at anytime from anywhere. Our training videos are informative, simple, and best of all, humorous. We’ve found that adding humor and more human elements to our training helps inspire and empower teams to be mindful about cybersecurity and do their part to protect the organization from ransomware attacks.


    Common corporate ransomware attacks & tactics


    Phishing emails are among the most common methods of ransomware delivery. A phishing email looks like a legitimate email—often the cyberattackers will use the name and likeness of an organization’s CEO or mimic a governmental agency like the Center for Disease Control (CDC) with an update about Covid-19, but the hyperlinks used in a phishing email actually contain malware. When users click on the links or download the attachments, their computers become infected, and the ransomware starts to make its way through the network.

    Crypto ransomware and double extortion

    Many types of ransomware infiltrate your systems and then begin to encrypt sensitive files, making them inaccessible without a decryption key (if one exists). The cyber criminals will demand a ransom in exchange for restoring access to your files.

    In some cases, cyber criminals threaten to leak the stolen data publicly if ransom is not paid. This tactic is known as double extortion. In many cases, crypto ransomware attacks are launched with phishing emails.

    Locky ransomware and suspension of operations

    Some types of ransomware known as “locky ransomware” lock users out of their system until ransom is paid. While not as common as crypto ransomware, some of the largest ransomware breaches in history were caused by this sort of attack. In many cases, locky ransomware attacks were successful by exploiting weaknesses in RDP connections or lack of active cybersecurity.


    Best practices for enterprise ransomware prevention

    An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure; even more so when it comes to ransomware. Recovering from ransomware can be a long and arduous process depending on how modern and sophisticated the threat is.

    Create a ransomware recovery plan

    Similar to a disaster recovery plan, a ransomware recovery plan can help train your organization how to respond in the event of a ransomware attack in order to mitigate damage.

    Set strong passwords

    Cybercriminals have sophisticated tools that can literally “guess” millions of passwords in the blink of an eye, and this is one method they use to infiltrate organizations. So long as everyone is setting complex passwords, the cybercriminals will have a harder time infiltrating your organization.

    Update your software

    Outdated software systems are prime targets for cyberattacks. The reason is they have known vulnerabilities among cybercriminals, whereas up-to-date software systems are more likely to have bolstered any weaknesses and be compatible with the latest, most powerful cybersecurity solutions like Mimecast.


    Enterprise ransomware protection for businesses

    The best enterprise ransomware protections for enterprises can adapt to meet challenges unique to large organizations. Mimecast specializes in meeting these challenges for enterprises, and keeping you informed on the latest ransomware threats and how to protect against them. With that in mind, we offer fully customizable solutions for your organization, schedule an email security demo to see how Mimecast can integrate with your organization.

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