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    Mimecast anti-phishing software defends against a variety of methods employed by hackers, cyber criminals and nation state attackers.

    Prevent scams with anti-phishing software

    As phishing and spear-phishing attacks continue to disrupt businesses in every industry, IT teams are seeking superior anti-phishing software to help prevent devastating security breaches.

    A phishing email attack is designed to trick users into revealing sensitive information like passwords, credit card data, even bank account numbers. A phishing email appears to come from a source the user trusts – a bank, a shipping company or another business the user often interacts with.

    What is spear phishing? While phishing attacks cast a wide net and seek to dupe a large number of users, spear-phishing is an even more targeted attack. Using information pulled from a user's social media or web presence, attackers send an email that appears to come from a trusted colleague or supervisor, or even from the chief executive in cases of CEO fraud phishing. These emails may ask users to transfer money, divulge business information or share login credentials that provide hackers with access to the corporate network.

    While many anti phishing initiatives rely on training for users in how to spot phishing attacks and avoid them, offering phishing tips alone is clearly not a successful strategy – more than 90% of hacking attacks today begin with a phishing email. That's why Mimecast offers anti-phishing software services that can provide automated protection against these most dangerous threats.




    Anti-phishing software services from Mimecast

    Mimecast makes email safe for business by unifying services for email security, continuity and data protection on a single cloud platform. Mimecast's all-in-one, SaaS-based subscription service makes it easy for IT teams to quickly deploy anti-phishing software solutions, as well as technology to protect against a wide variety of other threats. Easy to implement and to use, Mimecast helps to simplify email management and allow IT administrators to spend more time focusing on other strategic initiatives.


    Comprehensive anti-phishing software defenses

    Mimecast anti-phishing software includes a suite of solutions that defend against the variety of methods employed by hacktivists, cyber criminals and nation state attackers. These include defenses against:

    • Malicious URLs. Mimecast anti-phishing software provides real-time scanning on every click and rewrites all URLs and inbound emails to prevent users from inadvertently clicking on a malicious link.
    • Malicious attachments. Mimecast scours attachments for potential malware and converts suspicious documents to safe formats to get them into users' hands more quickly. Mimecast can also sandbox documents in the final stage of analysis using full system emulation and virtualization.
    • Impersonation attempts. Mimecast scans all incoming email for anomalies in headers, for domain similarity, and for other techniques that are often an indication of an impersonation attack.
    • Internal threats. Mimecast anti-phishing software also provides protection against attacks that may be spread through internal email, which may not otherwise be analyzed with the same vigor as email arriving from outside the organization.

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