Email Security

    Building a Better Email Security Sandbox

    You need the best security technology in today’s market.

    by Boris Vaynberg

    It’s no secret that kids love to get dirty and especially while playing in a sandbox, so much so that there are dozens of videos showing how to build the best sandbox for just this endeavor.

    Unfortunately, there really aren’t any videos targeted for IT security professionals looking to enhance and extend the value of their existing sandbox.

    These mission critical applications have protected our organizations effectively for years, but as cybercriminals get more effective at finding evasion techniques, it becomes valuable to find new tools to supplement your sandbox and make it better.

    It Starts with Email Protection

    Organizations and employees are targets for increasingly sophisticated attacks designed to steal money, credentials, customer data, and other valuable intellectual property. Security solutions should defend organizations from spear-phishing, ransomware, impersonation and other targeted attacks.

    A New Security Ecosystem

    We have introduced the concept of a security ecosystem in previous blogs, so you can refresh your memory here for more content. According to Chad Perrin in a TechRepublic article, “security is an ecosystem — not a product. You cannot buy it except at the cost of giving it away.” He goes on to report:

    “People tend to have opinions about what constitutes: the right antivirus software, the right firewall, the right spam filter, the right browser, the right operating system, and so on

    There's no such thing as "the right" any of those to achieve "security." There are, at any given time, some choices that are better than others. Some choices are more secure than others. Some impose greater costs on the user than others, as well. Some, believe it or not, may be exceedingly good (for right now) at providing security within their specific area of specialization but introduce other vulnerabilities that you may find unacceptable."

    It is with this understanding that we also bring together the best security technology has to offer to flesh out your security ecosystem.

    Extend Your Sandbox Security

    Evasion-proof security solutions front-ending your sandbox will filter out the bulk of the potential treats improving the performance and efficiency of your sandbox. It will also protect your sandbox from potential threats written specifically to evade your sandbox. Solebit’s SoleGATE uses deep inspection and analysis methods that can interpret and detect malicious code in real time and immediately block threats.

    Having SoleGATE take the initial inspection will allow only those files suspect of containing malicious code to be detonated by your sandbox and greatly reduce the load. The addition of Solebit into the Mimecast family gives you a leg up on preventing that one entry into your cyber environment. Further enhancing Mimecast’s cyber resilience platform architecture, Solebit provides powerful threat protection to help customers face today’s broad threat landscape with evasion-aware, signature-less technology.

    With SoleGATE every line of code is evaluated with the analysis time being between milliseconds up to a few seconds. Bottom line is that your users will be much happier now that content is flowing faster throughout your organization and finance will be happier with the reduced expenses.


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