Jamie Laliberte Whalen

Top Moments at RSA Conference 2017

by Jamie Laliberte Whalen - Sr. Manager, Digital Content and Social Media

February 28, 2017

Our promise to the industry was to engage, educate and provide valuable insight into major cybersecurity issues facing organizations around the world. 

Here is a small recap of what happened at RSA Conference, so you can feel like you were able to attend:

Moment 1: ‘Cyber Resilience Think Tank’ at the San Francisco NASDAQ Center

The Mimecast team hosted a great event at the San Francisco NASDAQ Center for an early morning ‘Think Tank’ lead by Mimecast’s CTO, Neil Murray, and moderated by Venable’s CEO, Ari Schwartz. Security thought leaders from various industries joined in one room to network and share the challenges organizations face today with cyber resilience. As organizations work to become adopt a more cyber resilient strategy there was consensus among the peers in the room that the diversity of the attack must equal the diversity of the defense.





Moment 2: Dark Reading Interview with Bob Adams

Lights, camera, action! What a moment for our very own senior cybersecurity strategist, Bob Adams, who was in front of the camera for an interview with Dark Reading. Bob highlighted the latest security gaps with internal email and the proposed solution, which Mimecast launched at the start of the show.  He also discussed how to gain valuable insight into the attacks being missed by many incumbent email security solutions. Interested in watching? Click on the image to watch the full interview below





Moment 3: Live Hacks at the Mimecast Booth

Full house, no problem. Security experts Bob Adams, Julian Martin, and Matthew Gardiner demonstrated onsite ‘LIVE HACKS.’ The gist of the hacks incorporated social engineering attacks, phishing attacks and the ease at which a hacker can use email as a primary hacking mechanism to own the target’s system, gain bank information and take over someone’s video camera without them knowing. You can view the live Periscope video below if you would like to take a look for yourself.








Moment 4: Insights into the latest Cyber Threat Plaguing email

Who doesn’t like working on solving problems with clients? At the event, we got to meet with many customers and new prospects. Thank you, to everyone who stopped by the booth. We were able to share the latest email security threats we see organizations face daily. This included 421 unknown malware threats, all of which were missed by a number of incumbent email security solutions. Check out a summary of these threats in our latest Email Security Risk Assessment infographic we had posted in the booth here.





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Seven Top Moments at Black Hat

by Jamie Laliberte Whalen - Sr. Manager, Digital Content and Social Media

August 10, 2016

This past week Mimecast had the pleasure of attending the Black Hat Event in Las Vegas, NV. The atmosphere was energetic and our booth, although small, was mightier than any other booth on the floor. The Mimecast team varied members from marketing to sales and soared through engaging everyone at the event. With a “#MimecastBHAT giveaway” grouping to dazzle the masses, we gave away a Mini-Segway and some fabulous Bose ™ headsets.

Below is a small recap of what happened, so you can feel like you were able to attend. Let us be the eyes and ears for an event that truly thrilled the masses.




Arriving in Las Vegas, NV around 5:30pm, the Mimecast team was just in time to make it to a great party that was at Red Square in the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. It was here where we announced some big news with PhishMe, take a look here






Lights, camera, action! What a moment, our very own Cyber Security Strategist, Bob Adams, was able to kill it in his interview with Dark Reading, click play to watch the full interview below. 



Full house, no problem. Bob Adams, yet again, drove the Mimecast message to the audience on how important understanding email attacks are. “Ransomware is occurring more and more and we need to do something to stop it, educating others is the first step,” said Bob. Stay tuned, as we will update shortly with his impactful presentation. 






Back in the booth: Mimecast shares the love on the tradeshow floor. Interested in seeing all of the people who entered our #MimecastBHAT contest, click here. We gave away Bose headsets and a grand prize of a Mini-Segway!!!







Who doesn’t like working on solving problems with clients? At the event, we got to see so many customers and meet many new prospects. Thank you to everyone who stopped by booth 1366. We really loved getting to know you just a little bit better. 








Time to announce the winners of Day Two of the Selfie contest, we had some great entries, but in the end, these three took home some great swag. 







After an amazing few days, a few cold beers and lots of entries it came down to the top “Selfie” taken and it went to @SecuritySean. Congrats to all who entered. And get ready for our next event. We will see you all at Microsoft Ignite next month. 











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