The State of Email Security 2023

Mimecast’s seventh annual State of Email Security report comes as organizations all over the world grow more skittish over rising economic volatility and intensifying geopolitical tensions. Now is definitely not the time to become lax on cybersecurity.

Download the report now to get the latest insights from 1,700 CISOs and other IT professionals as they present a realistic picture of the steps they are taking to protect their organizations in the face of increases in email usage, email-base threats, and the sophistication of cyberattacks.

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Cyberattacks are not stopping any time soon,
and in fact, are getting more sophisticated.

of respondents say cyberattacks are growing increasingly sophisticated
of companies have experienced an increase in email-based threats
of companies expect to be harmed in 2023 by a collaboration-tool-based attack.

Mimecast's State of Email Security 2023

Cyber risk has entered the boardroom. Get insight into the threats organizations face every day and learn what leading companies do to fight back.

Don't let the valuable
become vulnerable.

Keep your email secure from advanced cyberattacks,
phishing, ransomware and more.

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