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    Cloud Email Storage Management


    Cloud email storage that saves money, simplifies management and strengthens security

    Architected to fully leverage cloud scalability and convenience, Mimecast’s Cloud Email Storage Management makes it easier to manage data growth as you meet growing demands for email retention, retrieval and recovery. There’s no faster and easier way to eliminate the headaches of managing email archives.


    The challenges of storing email archives grows as email use increases and regulatory-related requirements, like e-discovery, also rise

    More Data, More Complexity

    Email archives are growing faster than ever — and so are the cost and management complexities of storing email on-premises. Throwing more storage at the problem just doesn’t work anymore. There’s a better alternative: move to the cloud with Mimecast.

    Unified Compliant Archive

    To maximize competitive advantage, organizations are striving to aggregate knowledge across multiple platforms into one enterprise information archive. Mimecast Cloud Archive gives you a secure, digital corporate memory that cuts costs, mitigates legal and compliance risk, and helps people find answers fast.

    Email Resilience

    Integrated cloud storage management, archiving and recovery reduces risk and increases resiliency. Mimecast Sync and Recover simplifies administration and streamlines recovery by replacing multiple backup/recovery solutions with unified protection against data loss from any cause — all through one screen.


    The Mimecast Solution

    Lower cost, easier management, stronger control, better mitigation of legal and compliance risk. Can you get it all? Yes, — when you choose the worldwide industry standard for cloud storage management. Mimecast provides:


    Cloud archives with unlimited scalability and a predictable cost model: no overage charges.


    With no infrastructure to buy or maintain, total cost of ownership is typically 40-60% less than for legacy email storage management.


    Simple cloud storage management through one easy-to-use administrative console.


    Easy, self-service email storage management for end users via Outlook, web portal or mobile applications.


    Better e-discovery, lower risk: no more reliance on scattered PST files from Outlook environments.


    Flexible, easy search tools help IT admins easily recover individual items, entire mailboxes or folders.


    Leverage archive data to keep your organization going even in the midst of a disaster or ransomware attack. 


    Close the surprising and risky gaps in Microsoft Office 365 protection and recovery. 

    Gartner Magic Quadrant Report

    Explore Gartner’s Enterprise Information Archiving Magic Quadrant

    Review the critical capabilities you should demand in a modern cloud storage management solution and objectively compare the world’s leading vendors. Discover why Gartner has named Mimecast a Leader in Enterprise Information Archiving for seven straight years.


    Cloud Email Storage Management FAQs

    How is email cloud storage management different from on-premises storage?

    Traditional on-premises email archiving systems, sometimes described as appliances, usually capture copies of emails sent and received by employees and store them in an indexed database on a physical server at one of your own locations. Cloud-based email archives also capture and index your email but maintain them in a cloud environment. You access what you need through cloud applications; your service provider is responsible for maintaining and securing your content and providing the scalable resources you need to accommodate growth.

    How can you manage email storage more effectively?

    To begin, recognize that email generates enormous — and growing — data volumes. Basic email features such as cc:s and attachments present daunting challenges to organizations that need to meet regulatory compliance requirements or simply control their storage growth. Cloud-based email services change the way organizations provide email, but not the need to coherently manage and safeguard the data it generates. To manage email storage more effectively, companies should consider cloud-native archiving solutions but must also revisit archiving policies to align them with current legal and compliance requirements for retention and accessibility. In addition, seek ways to automate more email management tasks and plan to go beyond email, integrating archiving for content generated by collaborative communications tools such as Microsoft Teams.

    What are the advantages of cloud-based email storage management?

    The cloud-based service model applies extremely well to email storage management. First, cloud providers can scale their services to address accelerating growth in email volumes, so companies can stop throwing expensive storage hardware at the problem. Second, cloud providers offload responsibility for the back-end management of email databases, so their customers don’t have to worry about it any longer and need not replicate service providers’ industrial-strength security. Third, cloud efficiencies generally drive lower cost. Fourth, modern cloud-based archives often provide more sophisticated features for data access and e-discovery, helping companies address litigation, manage risk and get more value from the information they generate.
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