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    Choose a radically better approach to employee security awareness training

    Avoidable human error contributes to 90% of all cybersecurity breaches. No security strategy can succeed if it doesn’t help human beings make good choices when it matters most. Therefore, cybersecurity awareness training must work — but the problem is, too often, it doesn’t. So we fixed it. We reimagined security awareness training from the ground up, using insights from real educators. Mimecast Security Awareness Training is fun, not punishment. Quick, not intrusive. Ongoing, not once-and-done. It lets organizations measure progress and quickly focus additional training wherever it’s needed. And it’s integrated with customizable phishing testing that assesses employees against the attacks they actually face. With Mimecast Security Awareness Training, you can finally move the needle on human error — and strengthen your organization’s weakest link.

    Challenges & Solutions

    How Mimecast makes cyber security awareness training work

    Mimecast's employee security awareness training programs are effective for three reasons.

    • They're incredibly entertaining. Our training modules feature short videos produced by top talent from the entertainment industry. They're mini sitcoms that take a light approach to the serious topic of cyber security. Designed to get employees laughing, our training modules keep employees engaged while they absorb critical content – they don't even know they're learning. They're incredibly entertaining. Our training modules feature short videos produced by top talent from the entertainment industry.
    • They're mini sitcoms that take a light approach to the serious topic of cyber security. Designed to get employees laughing, our training modules keep employees engaged while they absorb critical content – they don't even know they're learning.
    • They're focused on individuals. Often, cyber security awareness training for employees is one-size-fits-all. At Mimecast, we understand that some employees pose a much greater risk than others because of their behavior or their position in your company. Our program lets you direct training at employees who are more likely to be your weakest links, helping to get more impact from every dollar in your security awareness budget.

    Integrate unforgettable fun, unprecedented realism and actionable data in employee awareness training

    • Make cybersecurity awareness training fun, so people actually look forward to it.
    • Measure performance, score individuals and focus training where it’s needed most.
    • Improve phish testing by basing it on attacks the organization actually experienced.

    Components of Mimecast cyber security awareness training for employees

    Mimecast provides a comprehensive approach to cyber security awareness training for employees. Our program includes:

    • Highly engaging, video-based training modules. Each module is less than five minutes and provides employees with a clear understanding of the threat, best practices for responding to it, and what the consequences are for the company and themselves if they are careless about security. Topics in our web and email security training modules include a wide range of subjects, including phishing, ransomware, passwords, CEO fraud, information protection and insider threat awareness training, as well as compliance-related topics such as HIPAA, PCI and GDPR awareness training.
    • Real-world testing. Testing prior to training (and every six months thereafter) provides data on employees' initial sentiment and evolving attitudes toward security. Testing after each module helps to chart progress and document employees' understanding and behavior around each security topic.
    • Predictive risk scoring. Mimecast assigns every employee a personalized cyber risk score based on their testing data, behavior and predictive modeling built on anonymized data from the Mimecast grid. Risk scoring helps you identify your greatest security risks so you can take action to remediate them.
    • Customized training. Mimecast lets you assign additional resources for your riskiest employees, providing them with additional training and/or one-on-one coaching. By directing more training resources to your greatest risks, Mimecast helps you stretch the impact of your training dollars.

    Leverage human storytelling, unforgettable characters and Hollywood-quality entertainment

    Humans hate boring lectures and presentations — and when they hate something, they forget it ASAP. So we reinvented security awareness training around what humans love: funny stories about people like them. Mimecast Security Awareness Training is presented as quick, Hollywood-quality sitcoms, in just a few minutes a month. It feels like a break, not a chore. Yes, it’s entertainment people can look forward to — but every minute is goal-oriented learning backed with rapid testing, reinforcement and metrics.

    Mimecast Security Awareness Training is customizable to serve an organization’s changing requirements. It integrates smoothly into other security infrastructure, with easy dashboarding that delivers up-to-the-minute data and full control. And it’s comprehensive: from passwords to phishing, data loss prevention to HIPAA and GDPR.

    Above all, it works, demonstrating improvements from 200-400% or more. You can’t afford anything less — because security awareness is deadly serious.


    Get actionable, granular “human error” metrics — and tools to act on them

    While users are having fun and learning unforgettable cyber hygiene lessons, Mimecast is tracking and assessing their risk levels, from the individual and department to the entire organization. With the Mimecast SAFE ScoreTM dashboard, security analysts can see dynamic calculations of individual risk based on four key factors: engagement, knowledge, sentiment and past bad URL clicks.

    For the first time, you can benchmark human security performance against industry or regional peers. SAFE Score can quickly identify risk hotspots: for instance, “repeat clickers” who generate disproportionate risk and need extra attention, or areas of emerging risk following mergers and acquisitions. You can track susceptibility to human error more effectively as people move between home- and office-centric work. Above all, you can address these problems proactively — applying new controls or training before attackers can exploit your weaknesses.

    Test against real phishing attacks to gauge employees’ security awareness

    Security leaders know they need to test employees against phishing — but generic templates or simulations don’t really do the trick. With Mimecast’s SAFE Phish technology, it’s easy to test against the actual phishing attacks an organization faces — “defanged,” of course — so real risks can be addressed far more rapidly and effectively.

    By integrating phishing training with Mimecast’s Secure Email Gateway, we capture phishing attacks employees actually clicked on: emails the gateway has already protected them from via URL rewriting or other techniques. Every bad click is reflected in risk scoring at the individual and department level, so you can deliver new awareness training where it’s most urgently needed — Mimecast Awareness Training that’s shown to make employees 5 or more times less likely to click on dangerous links.

    Suddenly, it’s easy to implement a comprehensive risk-reduction strategy for phishing: test against true risks, get relevant data, act, track progress, adjust and improve — continually.


    Employee Security Awareness Training FAQs

    What is employee security awareness?

    Employee security awareness refers to an understanding by employees of the wide number of cyber threats that an organization may encounter, how employees can help to mitigate them and how a mistake can lead to a major security breach.

    What Is employee security awareness training?

    Security awareness training is a program that educates employees about the best practices for handling cyber threats as well as the behaviors that can jeopardize personal and organizational security.

    Why Is cyber security training for employees important?

    Cyber security awareness training for employees helps to address one of the biggest factors in major security breaches: human error. By training employees how to recognize and respond to cyber threats, organizations can dramatically improve their security posture and cyber resilience.

    How many hours of training does an employee need?

    The number of hours of training to successfully educate employees in security awareness depends on the individual. Some employees will learn much more quickly than others. That's why Mimecast Awareness Training provides individualized risk scores for employees that lets you determine how effective training has been for each individual and to provide additional training or one-on-one coaching when necessary.
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