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    Knowledge + Tools = Power

    Arming you to fight cyber threats

    Research shows that two-thirds of cybersecurity compromises take months or longer to discover* and that 31% of C-suite executives have shared information with the wrong recipient**.  

    The ability to protect sensitive data and take proactive steps to minimize the impact of a damaging cyber threat is essential.  With Mimecast’s Threat Remediation tools at your fingertips, you can confine, lessen, or even reverse the impact of security incidents, rapidly minimizing or eliminating your exposure.

    *2018 Verizon Data Breach Report
    **Mimecast 2018 State of Email Security Report

    <p>Knowledge + Tools = Power</p>

    Threat Intelligence Report: Black Hat Edition, August 2019

    This Mimecast Threat Center report leverages 160 billion emails processed by Mimecast from April to June 2019. During that period, Mimecast rejected 67 billion. Find out why.

    <p>Threat Intelligence Report: Black Hat Edition, August 2019</p>

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