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    Threat Remediation


    Take action against cyber threats before they spread 

    Was a malicious email forwarded to the entire company? Sensitive data sent to the wrong person? Act fast with Mimecast Threat Remediation.  As IT professionals (and human beings), we expect mistakes to happen. The key is minimizing damage when they occur.

    With Mimecast’s Threat Remediation capabilities, you can quickly identify the source of problems and take action on the spot to help stop the spread of a cyber attack, protect sensitive data, and minimize damage.


    Knowledge + Tools = Power

    Arming you to fight cyber threats

    Research shows that two-thirds of cybersecurity compromises take months or longer to discover, and more than 8 out of 10 security professionals believe their company is at risk due to inadvertent data leaks by careless or negligent employees. 

    The ability to protect sensitive data and take proactive steps to minimize the impact of a damaging cyber threat is essential.  With Mimecast’s Threat Remediation tools at your fingertips, you can confine, lessen, or even reverse the impact of security incidents, rapidly minimizing or eliminating your exposure.

    *Verizon Data Breach Report

    **Mimecast State of Email Security Report


    Act quickly, contain threats, reduce cyber risk

    With Mimecast Threat Remediation, you can help prevent the spread of malware both internally and to external parties by remediating malicious files or messages post-delivery.


    Immediately perform remediation and restoration actions.


    Remove targeted attack messages from Microsoft Office 365™, Exchange, and the Mimecast Archive to help prevent end-users from accessing dangerous content.


    Receive notice when automated threat intelligence finds existing attacks that were previously delivered.


    Search for suspicious files and messages so they can be investigated and remediated if necessary.


    Download a sample of the message for further investigation if desired.

    More Features

    Get access to consumable, actionable threat intelligence data

    Mimecast's Threat Intelligence capabilities deliver actionable insight about the attacks your organization faces and how you can shore up protections to minimize damage.

    Threat Dashboard

    The Mimecast Threat Intelligence Dashboard presents threat intelligence data with context, making it easily consumable, instructive, and actionable. Your team can view overall trends specific to the cyberattacks facing your organization and dig more deeply into items that warrant closer scrutiny.


    Threat Feed

    Mimecast's threat feed - our threat intelligence API - provides many opportunities for improving threat intelligence, expanding automation, and accelerating response. This capability helps your security pros surface data about malware on your account using a third-party analytics tool of your choice, giving you information that can help minimize the impact of attacks and keep your organization safer.

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