Spear phishing

Prevent spear phishing threats with email security solutions.

Phishing Protection

Prevent spear phishing threats with email security solutions.

Spear phishing attacks are on the rise and wreaking havoc with corporate security. The cost of such an attack can reach well into the millions in terms of damage to corporate reputation and customer relationships, especially when confidential customer information or valuable intellectual property is stolen.

Preventing a spear phishing attack requires sophisticated security email solutions. Mimecast's email security services provide critical defenses against the threat of spear phishing as well as viruses, malware, spam and data leaks.

With Mimecast's comprehensive enterprise-grade email security, you can count on always-on, always up-to-date protection that is simple to deploy, easy to manage and much more affordable than traditional secure email solutions.

Phishing Protection

Mitigating spear-phishing attacks with Mimecast.

Mimecast Targeted Threat Protection, an add-on to the Mimecast Secure Email Gateway, extends security gateway protection against the growing threat posed by spear-phishing and other targeted attacks in inbound email.

Mimecast provides real-time scanning and blocking of suspicious URLs and attachments to prevent employees from accidentally downloading malware or inadvertently revealing their credentials. Mimecast also provides dynamic user awareness capabilities engaging employees in assessing risk and helps to enforce security policies.

Key benefits of Mimecast's defenses against spear phishing include:

  • Protection across all devices. Mimecast provides protection against spear phishing whether employees access a link or attachment from their enterprise desktop or from a mobile device.
  • Email security without additional infrastructure. Mimecast's secure email messaging solution is a subscription-based service eliminating the need for additional overhead or IT security infrastructure.
  • Rapid service activation. With Mimecast, there's no hardware to deploy or software to install, enabling faster deployment and return on investment.
  • Greater visibility. Mimecast's granular reporting allows for end-to-end, real-time threat analysis, providing administrators with greater insight into email security.
Phishing Protection

How Mimecast combats spear phishing.

Mimecast stops spear phishing threats with protection against the two most common attack methods: malicious URLs and weaponized attachments.

To block malicious links, Mimecast rewrites URLs in all incoming email. When a link is clicked, Mimecast scans the target website in real time to identify potential risks before opening the site in the user's browser. If the site is suspicious, a warning page is displayed and access to the site is blocked. Links are scanned on every click to protect against the risk of a site that once was safe being compromised at a later date.

To protect against weaponized attachments, Mimecast checks each email attachment before it is delivered to the recipient, opening it in a virtual environment or sandbox and passing it on to the employee only if it is safe.

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