Email Archiving Solution

Simplify email management with a superior email archiving solution.

email archiving solution

Simplify email management with a superior email archiving solution.

The right email archiving solution can dramatically simplify management of your email archives. As the volume of enterprise email data grows exponentially, email archiving has become a costly and complex task for many organizations. Ensuring access to your historical email data is critical to compliance efforts and user productivity, and a superior email archiving solution helps streamline management and minimize the cost of secure email retention.

Mimecast provides a leading email archiving solution in Mimecast Cloud Archive for Email. With this innovative email archiving solution, you can provide your users with a bottomless mailbox and instant access to every email they've ever sent or received. Cloud Archive for Email also provides email administrators with centralized control over email retention policies and mailbox management tools that improve performance, support e-discovery and reduce costs.

A cloud-based email archiving solution from Mimecast.

Mimecast Cloud Archive for Email is a dynamically-scalable, secure, cloud-based email archiving solution that simplifies your email infrastructure. Available as a standalone service or as part of Mimecast's Unified Email Management Enterprise solution, Cloud Archive for Email eliminates the need for on-premises email archive software and hardware to lower costs, simplify your network and reduce the pressure on overcrowded server rooms.

Mimecast's email archiving solution archives every inbound, outbound and internal email, eliminating complaints about mailbox size restrictions. Users no longer have to choose which emails to keep and which to delete – everything can be stored in their personal archive and they can drag and drop messages back into their inbox when needed. Users can also access their email from any virtually any device, anywhere. And rapid search capabilities and a 7-second search SLA make it easy to find email data quickly.

Benefits of Mimecast's email archiving solution.

With Mimecast email archive solutions, you can:

  • Improve productivity and business insight with instant access to email.
  • Provide administrators with central control, security and governance.
  • Enhance electronic mail security by encrypting all email.
  • Ensure availability through secure storage in multiple geographically-dispersed data centers.
  • Review complete archive access logs that include searches and message views.
  • Lower TCO with pricing based on the number of employees, rather than the volume of email or size of mailboxes.

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