Email Archive Software

Mimecast: A Cloud-Based Alternative To Email Archive Software


The pros and cons of email archive software.

When looking for a solution to archive email data, the choice is primarily between email archive software and a cloud-based solution. Many IT administrators are attracted to the control of an on-premises solution, relying on email archive software and dedicated hardware to manage email retention, archiving and retrieval. Yet with email volumes growing at exponential rates, the cost of managing on-premises email archive software and the problem of server room sprawl are significant challenges for limited IT budgets.

Cloud archiving has recently emerged as a less-expensive alternative, eliminating the need to purchase and manage additional servers and manage an array of legacy clients, systems and email archive software. When seeking a leading cloud-based solution to replace email archive software, more enterprises today turn to business email management products from Mimecast.

Mimecast: a cloud-based alternative to email archive software.

As a leading provider of cloud-based solutions for email security, continuity and archiving, Mimecast offers a powerful alternative to email archiving software in Cloud Archive for Email. This secure, scalable cloud-based archive simplifies email infrastructure and minimizes the cost to archive emails, especially in comparison with on-premises email archive software and hardware.

Mimecast's cloud archiving solution gives your users fast access to any email they've ever sent or received. Your email administrators get access to superior mailbox management tools and centralized control of email retention policies, helping simplify management of email archiving and reducing load on email servers.

In contrast to most email archive software, Mimecast's Cloud Archive for Email is simple to deploy and configure. Your administrators can use a single, intuitive web-based console to set policies, manage users and perform e-discovery searches, and your users can access their personal archives from any device, anywhere.

Benefits of Mimecast over email archive software.

Using Mimecast Cloud Archive for Email in place of email archive software, you can:

  • Save time and money by eliminating the cost2 of purchasing and managing email archive software and hardware and by reducing the complexity of managing email archives.
  • Give users easier access to email and enable them to stop worrying about mailbox size restrictions.
  • Improve compliance and e-discovery with granular email retention policy management and the ability to search your cloud archive storage with advanced search tools and a 7-second search SLA.

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