Cyber Security Awareness Training

    Make cyber security awareness training more engaging with Mimecast. Phish testing, video modules, risk scoring and more!

    Mimecast: highly effective – and entertaining – cyber security awareness training

    Cyber security awareness training is usually pretty boring stuff – which also makes it pretty ineffective. That's a big problem for many organizations, since human error plays a role in 90+% of security breaches.

    Theoretically, cyber security awareness training for employees should be able to address this risk. But despite the billions of dollars that organizations have poured into training solutions in recent years, the chance that companies of all sizes will get hacked is greater today than four years ago.

    Here's why: when cyber security awareness training can't hold employees' attention, there is little chance it can change behavior. Most awareness training programs aren't designed with education science in mind. Educators know that real learning happens when students are engaged and when the subject matter is broken down into chunks that can be easily digested. Yet most cyber security awareness training is tedious and/or delivered in intensive sessions that consume large portions of an employee's busy day.

    Mimecast offers an effective alternative that actually moves the needle on learning outcomes: massively engaging cyber security awareness training, delivered in short sessions once a month.

    Mimecast: highly effective – and entertaining – cyber security awareness training

    Mimecast cyber security awareness training is seriously funny

    To make cybersecurity awareness training more effective, Mimecast makes training content hilarious. Really. With short training videos written and produced by top entertainment pros, our content is designed to get employees laughing – at human nature, human error and themselves. Each video covers a serious topic in a funny way, packaging learning in a mini sitcom with recurring characters and themes that employees love and can't wait to get more of. As a result, our cyber security awareness training results in greater learning and long-term retention.

    Mimecast cyber security awareness training is delivered in 3- to 5-minute modules once each month. Rather than half-day seminar packed with information, Mimecast training presents learning in short segments that employees can easily digest and master, at a frequency that keeps security constantly on their minds.

    In addition to short, entertaining videos, Mimecast cyber security awareness training includes:

    • Testing before and after training to evaluate an employee's attitude about cyber security, their learning from each training sessions and their relative level of risk within the company.
    • Personalized risk scoring for every employee and department, enabling organizations to direct customized training resources to higher risk individuals and areas.
    • Phishing testing that delivers to test employees' responses to realistic phishing emails in real-time.
    Mimecast cyber security awareness training is seriously funny

    Comprehensive topics in cyber security awareness training

    Mimecast Awareness Training was developed by leading cyber security experts from the U.S. military, law enforcement and the intelligence community. Each module covers one aspect of cyber security, web security or email security training, with new training delivered 12 to 15 times a year to ensure that content remains fresh and relevant.

    Current learning modules include topics in:

    Phishing Wachtwoorden Informatiebescherming HIPAA Hygiëne op het kantoor GDPR awareness training Gegevens in beweging


    Same Password

    Stolen Laptop

    Social Media Posting

    Use of Shredder

    Data Usage and Rights Personal Email
    CEO Fraud Strong Password Spoken / Sensitive Behavior Reporting Breaches Physical Access - Tailgating Unknown Media
    Wire Transfer Fraud Sociale Media Spoken Disclosure Clean Desk My Cloud Storage
    Vishing Know Your Audience Authenticate Exposed Screen Email & Inadvertent Leaks
    Privileged User Locked Screen Responsible Printing
    Public Wi-Fi
    Comprehensive topics in cyber security awareness training

    Advantages of Mimecast cyber security awareness training

    Cyber security training from Mimecast provides tremendous benefits over other approaches:

    • It's easy to manage. As an online platform, Mimecast cyber security awareness training can be deployed globally in just a few clicks. Components like phishing testing are amazingly easy to set up and deploy. And results are presented in easy-to-use dashboards, reports, drill downs and integrations.
    • Superior content. In addition to being highly entertaining, the content in our awareness programs is developed by industry experts with first-hand experience in addressing the challenges of cyber security.
    • Focused remediation. Personalized risk scores let you target individuals and groups with specialized and personalized remediation measures to make your limited training dollars go farther.
    • Seamless integration with comprehensive solutions. Mimecast Awareness Training is fully integrated with Mimecast's all-in-one suite of email security, web security and information archiving technology to deliver a single, comprehensive solution for protecting your organization.
    Advantages of Mimecast cyber security awareness training


    What is security awareness?

    Security awareness is the understanding by individuals within a company of the many cyber threats that pose a risk to security. Security awareness also includes an understanding of how these threats work, what to do about them and how adhering to best practices can help to mitigate them.

    What is cyber security awareness training?

    Cyber security awareness training educates employees on the wide range of threats they may encounter as part of their workday, as well as the behavior and actions they can take that can either jeopardize security or improve it.

    Why is cyber security awareness training important?

    The goal of awareness training is to mitigate the role of human error in causing or enabling security breaches. It's estimated that human error plays a role in more than 90% of major breaches, making cybersecurity awareness training a critical part of an organization's security posture.


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