How fast search improves email discovery and law firm productivity

You may think seconds count only in sports, medical emergencies or other crisis situations. But the fact is, seconds count at work, too.

When you consider that the average user sends and receives over 122 emails each day and 156 million emails are sent every minute, you start to get a sense of the huge volume of emails that have to be searched during the e-discovery process. Reducing the seconds it takes to access data produces significant improvements across an organization.

According to Impact of Cloud Computing on Digital Forensic Investigations, “The search and collection phase consumes the bulk of the time spent in an investigation. This phase involves a thorough analysis of the system for digital evidence [and]…uses the results of the survey phase to determine the types of analysis to be performed.”

We all know time is money. Here’s a short list of benefits from fast searches of email in the cloud, from mobile devices, in Exchange or stored in PSTs.

  1. Reduced Spend. Faster search reduces costs associated with e-discovery. “To the extent, you can be more efficient and have easier access to discovery, you reduce the cost of discovering and reviewing those documents,” notes attorney Robert Hanna, a partner in the Cleveland office of Tucker Ellis LLP. Learn how one organization saved $70,000 annually in TCO and reduced email maintenance time by 15% with a new archiving platform.
  2. Improved Responsiveness. “Faster search equals easier access to discovery and prompter responses to client or court-ordered requests,” Hanna explains. The courts are struggling with the proportionality of e-discovery given the high volume of data involved. “The rules of discovery in federal courts have tried to address the need for information versus the burden to give it. It’s a big issue for trial lawyers.”
  3. Better Compliance. “There are many scenarios in which legal professionals or clients may need fast access to archived emails including quite prominently that many government agencies, as well as various regulatory organizations, require the retention of such data,” says Steven Weisman, senior lecturer in the Bentley University Department of Law, Tax, and Financial Planning. “In addition, the information contained in such emails can be critical for maintaining operations after a ransomware attack or a data breach.”
  4. More Visibility. With many legacy data archive solutions, users have to toggle between screens to complete search and analysis tasks, adding seconds to each transaction. This is particularly valuable in firms where Office 365 is in use. “In some cases, the time window available is short, in other cases the amount of data that has to be sorted through is extensive,” explains J. Peter Bruzzese, a Microsoft Office 365™ MVP at Mimecast. “Hence, having the right tools in place that work fast and offer a complete view of your data through a single plane of glass administration console is key.”
  5. Streamlined Processes. More robust email search solutions empower search admins and legal counsel to run individual queries, save them, and then run additional searches across multiple saved files. File archiving software should also enable tagging, which further supports fast search, especially when files are going to be forwarded to outside counsel or a third-party e-discovery company. See how Harris, Finley & Bogle, P.C., charted a 66% improvement in end-user productivity with a mobile email management solution, and requirements that all attorneys and support staff to run it their desktops, laptops and mobile devices.

To ensure you’re getting lightning-fast results from e-discovery searches, review the service level agreements (SLAs) of all the archive data solutions you consider. See if they offer a guaranteed timeframe for search results.

Now you know that seconds count in email archive searches and how to shave precious time off the process, you’ve got a powerful tool to improve productivity, cost-efficiency, and effectiveness for your firm.

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