Super-Charge Productivity & Efficiency with Email Archive Solutions

If you’re looking for a way to make your entire organization more productive and efficient – and who isn’t? – look to the cloud.

Cloud email archive solutions enable you to streamline workflows across functional areas and up and down the org chart.

Arm your IT administrators with cloud archive data solutions that make it faster and easier to do their jobs with:

  • Reduced Complexity: Manage all archive operations through a powerful, intuitive administrative console. Integrate these operations easily with upstream or downstream systems, such as, Splunk, etc., using open APIs
  • Long-term Data Preservation and Protection: Configure the solution to enforce your data retention and disposition policies automatically for stronger data governance and compliance, while easily establishing chains of custody. “You can feel good about having a reputable company with experts doing their best to protect your information,” says Wes Higbee, president, Full City Tech Co. in New York. “And you can invest your time where it matters – your customers.”
  • Email Data Recoverability and Continuity: Use pre-configured tools to automate data protection and server data restoration in the event of loss or corruption.

 Empower your end-users to be more productive and self-sufficient with:

  • Self-Service Tools: Skip the support tickets and empower users to search directly for emails and attachments. “Anybody can find a document without bugging the IT people to find something they wrote 5 years ago and never thought they’d need,” quips John Webster, senior partner with Evaluator Group in Boulder. “When you can give them an interface that’s easier to use they’re happier and more productive.”
  • Better Access: Leverage mobile technology so employees can perform critical activities from any device and every location at any time, and access their archive data, even if they’ve deleted it from their production environments.
  • Fast Email Search: Reduce the time it takes to search for an email with faster results, the ability to save searches, and streamlined case review tools for your legal and compliance departments.

 Strengthen overall business performance with:

  • Reduced Costs: Take advantage of predictable per-user pricing with a fixed cost. “When you have archive on site, you’ve bought the resources. It’s on the books and it’s a capital expense,” Webster says. “In the cloud, it’s a monthly charge. You can pay it out of your operating budget."
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Compliance Readiness: Simplify compliance with these strict rules for collecting and processing data on EU residents, including visitors and expatriates.
  • Stronger e-Discovery: Reduce the risk of fines, sanctions and other negative impacts from slow e-discovery and data handling/protection violations with a cloud-based solution that surpasses Office 365™ search and e-discovery tools.

 Help your organization be more productive with a cloud archive solution that includes mobile email management, data governance, and automated tasks. Use the insights here to make a confident case for leveraging the cloud to streamline important processes and to create productivity gains and cost efficiencies.

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