Migrating Legacy Archive Data To Mimecast

When preparing to move email into the cloud, you must decide what to do with legacy archive data stores. Maintaining this legacy data can be business-critical; ingesting and processing large volumes of it can pose challenges. Does all the data need migrating? How do you decide what has business value? Migrating this data requires expert care and a proven methodology to help ensure a successful transition to the cloud with minimal migration risks.

Mimecast together with our archive migration partners deliver rapid migration of data from enterprise legacy archives to the Mimecast Cloud Archive. A proven and seamless methodology processes data quickly while maintaining compliance-driven chains of custody. This end-to-end service removes the pain, complexity and investment usually experienced by your IT team.

Key capabilities include:

  • High-speed extraction and conversion of legacy archive data
  • Multi-step enforcement of security and chains of custody, with auditing and event reporting
  • Preservation of existing source data folder structures (available for select platforms)

To find out more about migrating archived data to Mimecast, please email archivemigration@mimecast.com