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    Mimecast offers complete protection against whaling cyber attacks, phishing attacks and other imminent threats to enterprise security. Discover how.

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    The dangers of a whaling cyber attack

    A whaling cyber attack is a special form of email fraud that has successfully tricked users into revealing sensitive business information and transferring millions of dollars to fraudulent accounts.

    In a whaling cyber attack, hackers pose as a CEO, CFO or another high-level executive – known as a "whale" – and send emails to employees with instructions for transferring money or releasing information. Typically, a whaling cyber attack is accomplished by email data breach, where hackers gain access to an executive's email account. Alternately, hackers may spoof the email display name and domain name by registering a domain that looks very similar to a legitimate domain.

    A whaling cyber attack email will often ask an employee to transfer money to a vendor or a bank account that is ultimately deemed to be fraudulent. Whaling email scams also may ask for W-2 information or for login credentials that allow hackers to access financial data, customer data or business systems.

    Preventing a whaling cyber attack requires innovative cyber protection technology – solutions that can keep up with the pace of a quickly evolving threat landscape. When you want to add protection against a whaling cyber attack to your cyber security defense, Mimecast provides the answer.

    The dangers of a whaling cyber attack

    Stop a whaling cyber attack with Mimecast

    Mimecast offers an easy-to-use solution for business email management that combines targeted threat protection, information protection and the latest threat intelligence with solutions for email archiving, continuity, e-Discovery, compliance, and backup and recovery. Mimecast's all-in-one service is offered as a SaaS-based solution that requires no purchase of hardware or software and no capital investment.

    With Mimecast, organizations get a comprehensive solution that simplifies email management. Rather than deploying a disjointed mix of point solutions to address individual security concerns, IT teams can rely on Mimecast to provide complete protection against a whaling cyber attack, a spearfishing attack, a ransomware attack and other imminent threats to enterprise security.

    Stop a whaling cyber attack with Mimecast

    How Mimecast prevents a whaling cyber attack

    To stop a whaling cyber attack, Mimecast Targeted Threat Protection – Impersonation Protect performs real-time scans of all inbound email to examine key aspects of each message. Mimecast searches for:

    • Anomalies in the display name, domain name, recency of the domain, reply-to information and the body of the message that may indicate a whaling cyber attack.
    • Similarity to popular Internet domain brand names and domains of third-party relationships that users may be inclined to trust.
    • Use of alternate character sets that may make differences in domain names hard for users to spot.

    When a whaling cyber attack is suspected, emails can be quarantined, blocked or marked as suspicious before being sent on to users.

    Learn more about mitigating a whaling cyber attack with Mimecast.

    How Mimecast prevents a whaling cyber attack

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