Block ransomware

Block ransomware attacks with Mimecast

How to block ransomware attacks successfully.

Ransomware attacks like the Crypto virus and Locky are causing major disruption to business everywhere, moving organizations to seek effective tools to block ransomware and mitigate its effects.

Ransomware attacks use malicious links and attachments in email to gain access to an individual's or organization's files, encrypt them and hold them hostage until a fee or ransom is paid. Users are typically duped into opening an attachment that looks like an invoice, a Word document, a package notice or some other legitimate file.

To block ransomware attacks, you need technology that can warn about suspicious links and attachments and prevent users from clicking on or opening them. And to minimize the impact of an attack – since it's virtually impossible to protect from ransomware attacks 100% of the time – you need powerful tools for backup and recovery that can ensure access to email data during and after an attack.

Block ransomware attacks with Mimecast.

Mimecast helps to block ransomware threats and prevent loss of data with cloud-based solutions for email security, archiving and continuity. As a SaaS-based subscription service, Mimecast is easy to implement and manage. And as an all-in-one solution, Mimecast eliminates the need to deploy and manage multiple point solutions for security, archiving, search, backup, recovery and continuity.

To block ransomware, Mimecast's security services scan every inbound and archived email to detect ransomware attacks based on advanced threat intelligence. Mimecast rewrites all links in emails and scans the destination website in real time when a user clicks on a link, blocking access to any website determined to be suspicious. To further block ransomware attacks, Mimecast scans all attachments and preemptively sandboxes any file that may contain malicious code like macros in a PDF or Microsoft Office file. Once the attachment is deemed safe, it can be delivered to the user. If users need faster access to attachments, Mimecast can automatically transcribe attachments to a safe format and deliver it immediately with the email message.

Mimecast tools to block ransomware and its effects.

When security measures failed to block ransomware, Mimecast reduces the impact and loss of data by providing a robust and redundant archive of data in the cloud. Mimecast's easy-to-manage archiving solution keeps triplicate, encrypted copies of email and files in data centers that are dispersed geographically, ensuring that users have access to data during and after a successful ransomware attack.

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