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    With more data than ever before  — and more regulations to govern it — businesses cannot afford missteps with data management. Whether it’s an e-discovery request, SEC audit, accidentally deleted file, or a server outage, you need a safe way to manage, protect, and access your data.


    emails is the default search limit with out-of-the-box products

    For most legal cases and requests, next-level solutions are needed for proper archiving and searching.


    average hours to research an e-discovery request

    Without accelerated capabilities, tasks like these take valuable time and IT resources away from other security priorities.


    of M&A fails due to post-merger activities

    Successful and efficient acquisitions hinge on seamless integrations between IT, email and collaboration platforms.

    Whatever your data challenges, Mimecast has a solution.


    Costly e-discovery requests

    We can reduce the cost to research a request by over 90%.


    Data sovereignty issues

    Our data centers around the world make it easy to comply with local regulations.


    Piecemeal security products

    All of our archiving capabilities are managed from a single Administration Console.


    Malicious or accidental data loss

    Our multi-purpose archive is designed to shield your employees wherever they work.


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    Simplify eDiscovery & compliance, streamline IT environments, and ensure data is never lost.


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    Governance Risk and Compliance FAQs (GRC)

    The benefits of a GRC strategy include:

  • Ensure compliance with all industry and government regulations regarding data retention and privacy protection.

  • Peace of mind to reduce costs and ensure business continuity in response to rising risk of data breaches and cyberattacks.

  • Provide for backups in the event of data loss or corruption.

  • Provide a framework for transparent decision-making with high confidence level of success across business units

  • Supports backup and recovery, e-discovery, and data protection in cloud messaging and collaboration platforms like Microsoft Teams.
  • Every company needs a GRC plan. Data governance is not an option — it’s safe to say regulations aren’t going away, existing ones evolve and new ones appear — posing significant and ever-changing risks for companies of all sizes. Meanwhile, new policies concerning data sovereignty can complicate how data is stored and shared across borders. In addition to ensuring ongoing compliance with these evolving regulations, GRC ensures organizations have effective plans across the organization both to protect data and reduce the risk of data breach, as well as to ensure business continuity in the event data is ever compromised by cyberattack.

    The GRC platform, tools, and software features a company should look for include:

  • Comprehensive in-house e-discovery and litigation support.

  • Multiple, worldwide data centers with the ability to route, process, and store essential business data in accordance with national and local data privacy regulations

  • Cloud-based archive to quickly recover deleted, corrupted or stolen mail, calendar and contact data regardless of where your email solution resides.

  • Granular search capabilities to rapidly retrieve mailboxes, calendars, and contacts.
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