Case Study
    Financial Advising
    Email Security

    Grant Thornton


    • Email Security and Spam Filtering, Targeted Threat Protection, Mimecast Cloud Archiving, Continuity, and Awareness Training


    • Multiple disparate email systems which made searching for emails (a major requirement for Grant Thornton) incredibly challenging
    • Business disruption can be costly for an organization that charges by the hour, so business continuity or disaster recovery was required to keep the employees working (even during a Microsoft outage)


    • Cost efficacies include an increase in productivity time, infrastructure cost avoidance (due to data being stored in Mimecast), and data recovery is estimated to be around $1million
    • Business continuity is another financial gain which equates to a few million dollars, as two major email outages were prevented that would have resulted in major downtime for the organization
    • Not losing data – especially when it is required for a client, a regulator, etc.
    • The decrease in risk exposure, not only from spam filtering, but from targeted phishing attempts where Targeted Threat Protection quickly detects malicious activity, without disrupting the end user


    “In terms of savings, or cost avoidance or just efficiencies gained from using Mimecast in our firm, it’s been pretty significant.”

    “Should we have Mimecast and Microsoft O365? Microsoft is a best of suite product – they’re pretty good at most things. Where Mimecast is a best of breed, they invest in cybersecurity and we layer Mimecast in front of Microsoft O365. The other aspect is the licensing model with Microsoft. Microsoft O365 is a named user license. You pay per user per month and if someone leaves, you have to make a decision whether you keep them in Microsoft O365 and keep paying their license, or you delete their account and after 30 days that mail is gone forever. In Mimecast Archive, we can give another user access to that mail and it’s a massive cost avoidance for us ”

    “We know that the awareness training is working. With the previous software we were using we were getting about 80% compliance, but with Mimecast because it’s shorter and it’s funny and people know that they will be entertained for a few minutes, we’re getting above 98%, so almost 99% compliance by the due date, and after the follow up email we’re nearly getting 100% compliance, it’s about 99.9%. that really demonstrates that people are engaging and it’s not a chore anymore.” 

    “We can’t imagine a world where we wouldn’t be partnered with someone like Mimecast, that looks after our spam, looks after our Targeted Threat Protection (which has just been so good). And now with the Awareness Training. To find all of that capability with one vendor, that you can trust, that would be quite challenging for us”.

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