VICE: Meete: The Dating App Where Women Are Paid to Talk to Men

    While Meete might be a quick money-maker, experts warn that the confusion over what the app is actually designed for, compared to how it is used, is an immediate red flag. Dr. Kiri Addison, a cyber expert, says that the risk of personal data being stolen on dating apps is a lot more likely than most people think: “This can occur when people put too much trust in other users – it is always important to think before sharing any sensitive information with people you have met online,” she says.

    “Sharing your location and other personal details could allow someone you decide you do not want to meet – or perhaps haven't spoken to already, depending on how public you make this information – to track you down in real life,” Addison continues. “Sharing this information also provides cybercriminals with ammunition to create targeted and tailored phishing attacks outside of the app, in an attempt to steal from you.”

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