What puts you @risk isn’t always what you think.

Defend your employees, like this guy, from social engineering and business email compromise attacks.

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Offering unparalleled email and collaboration protection, Mimecast becomes the eyes and ears of our customers’ organizations and transforms security from reactive to proactive.

Meet I.T.’s most wanted.

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Block email-based threats with AI-powered detection

Control risk and increase protection with integrated email threat protection.

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Build a stronger culture of risk awareness

Invest in security at the human level with realistic and effective training, simulations, and risk scoring.

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Protect against accidental and malicious data loss

Simplify compliance, dramatically reduce the time and cost of e-discovery searches, and ensure data is never lost.

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Stop the spread of malicious URLs and files 

Keep viruses, malware and phishing out of collaboration tools, such as Microsoft Teams.

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Stop imposters from spoofing your domain

Retake control of your email domains, increase email deliverability, and put an end to spoofing attacks.

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Flag suspicious emails as soon as they arrive

Defend your employees from social engineering and business email compromise attacks.

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