Web Protection Software

    Mimecast's web protection software provide advanced defenses to keep the web safe for companies, their employees and guests.

    Why web protection software is essential

    The web is the second-most commonly used vector for cyberattacks, playing a significant role in 91% of malware attacks. The web is also a significant distraction for employees at work, and the source of potential legal and compliance risks. Clearly, protecting and controlling web usage is critical to ensuring security and productivity for any organization.

    This challenge is made more difficult by a lack of technology for monitoring the DNS layer. Cyber criminals frequently rely on the web and DNS specifically to complete their attacks, but this channel is often left under-protected. And web protection grows more challenging each year as employees are increasingly accessing corporate web resources from remote and mobile locations.

    Mimecast Web Security solves these challenges by providing 100% cloud-based web protection software that minimizes the cost and complexity of securing the DNS layer while providing advanced defenses to keep the web safe for companies, their employees and guests.




    Web protection software from Mimecast

    Mimecast Web Security adds security and monitoring at the DNS layer, protecting against malicious web activity related to malware or initiated by user action, and providing tools to block access to websites that are inappropriate for business use.

    Easy to set up and simple to manage, Mimecast's web protection software inspects content and file downloads from suspicious sites using a dynamic proxy that applies anti-virus, URL categorization, SSL inspection and static file analysis while also enforcing acceptable web use policies.

    With Mimecast Web Security software, you can:

    • Block access to malicious sites that deliver malware or that are part of phishing attacks.
    • Effectively control what websites employees and guests can access to mitigate security, legal and compliance risks.
    • Apply consistent security to all devices and to all employees, no matter where they access the web and whether they are on the network or off.
    • Minimize the risk of shadow IT by monitoring which cloud apps employees are using and applying policies to block specific apps.
    • Visualize and report on web usage with quick and simple access to key metrics such as site categories, blocked domains, top accessed domains and more.
    • Protect guest Wi-Fi users and stop guest network users from accessing malicious or inappropriate websites.
    • Seamlessly integrate with Mimecast Email Security, giving your security team a single, cloud-based service to protect against attacks on the two most dominant vectors: email and the web.


    How Mimecast web protection software works

    Mimecast's web filtering technology provides an easy way to monitor web activity and secure web experiences. Every time a user clicks a link or types address into their browser to access the Internet, a DNS request is sent to Mimecast Web security to be inspected and resolved. The requested web resource is scanned for malicious content, and the site is evaluated against acceptable use policies set by the organization. If the site appears to be malicious or unacceptable, access is blocked, and the user receives a notification in their browser. If the site is safe and acceptable, access is immediately allowed.


    Combine email and web security with Mimecast

    Mimecast Web Security is the ideal complement to Mimecast's proven email security service. With Mimecast, you get a fully integrated, highly cost-effective and easy-to-manage solution that protects the top two vectors for cyberattacks. Mimecast's combined email and web protection software service delivers:

    • Consistent protection, including advanced domain similarity checks and joint permit/block lists for URLs.
    • Shared intelligence, protecting email and web channels with the same intelligence sources for more effective security.
    • Easy set up and management, with consistent user accounts, roles and permissions across both services.
    • Combined administrative audit reporting for faster investigations.
    • Consolidation of services with a single vendor, one bill and one path for support.


    FAQs: What is web protection software?

    What is web protection software?

    Web protection software is designed to identify, block and respond to cyberattacks that are launched against an organization's web resources, including browsers, websites, web applications and web services.

    What's the value of web protection software?

    The web is one of the most common vectors for cyberattack. Attackers frequently use the web to launch attacks that can result in the loss of data, money, identities, reputation and business. Website, web application and web service security are critical to protecting an organization, its employees and customers from the dangers of web-based cybercrime.

    What's the most effective web protection software?

    A multilayered defense is the most effective protection against web attacks. Solutions like Mimecast that combine multiple defenses on a single platform are not only more effective at stopping threats but are easier to manage and more cost-effective as well. The Mimecast platform combines web security solutions with email security technology, brand protection solutions and security awareness training to provide a comprehensive defense against cyberattacks.

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