Office 365 Email Problems

    Office 365 email problems may require third-party solutions.

    Office 365 email problems may require third-party solutions

    While Microsoft Office 365 is a popular alternative to on-premises email systems, many organizations find they need additional solutions to address Office 365 email problems that can often be addressed with augmented services for security, continuity and archiving.

    Office 365 encryption and data loss prevention tools may not adequately protect sensitive data. Occasionally, Office 365 experiences an email outage, meaning organizations may need help to achieve 100% Office 365 business continuity.

    To address Office 365 email problems, some organizations deploy a number of point solutions. But managing a collection of software from multiple vendors can prove costly and time-consuming. Many organizations worldwide turn to comprehensive services from Mimecast in order to effectively manage Office 365 email problems.




    Address Office 365 email problems with Mimecast

    Mimecast offers a fully integrated subscription service with solutions for email security, continuity and archiving that dramatically simplify email management and solve Office 365 email problems.

    As a cloud based email service, Mimecast can be deployed quickly and easily. Mimecast centralizes control of email management, enabling IT administrators to set policies from a single web-based console and apply them globally across the organization in real time.

    With Mimecast, organizations can mitigate single vendor exposure after moving to Office 365, while IT teams no longer need to manage multiple solutions to address Office 365 email problems.


    Mimecast services for Office 365 Email problems

    Mimecast solves Office 365 email problems with comprehensive services for:

    • Security. Mimecast helps secure email for small business and large enterprises with a comprehensive set of services that provide a multi-layered approach to protecting email. Mimecast Secure Email Gateway offers 99% spam protection and 100% malware protection, while Mimecast Targeted Threat Protection defends against the advanced threats like phishing and spear-phishing. Mimecast's data leakage prevention tools enable administrators to block or quarantine suspected leaks.
    • Archiving. Mimecast Enterprise Information Archiving provides a highly scalable and resilient archive in the cloud that lets users search for and retrieve email quickly while providing administrators with powerful tools to support e-discovery and litigation requests.
    • Continuity. Mimecast Mailbox Continuity enables users to access live and historic email and attachments even during disasters, outages and planned downtime.

    Learn more about managing Office 365 email problems with Mimecast, and about Mimecast solutions formobile email management.

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