Email System Migration Plan

    Minimize risk with an email system migration plan.

    Minimize risk with an email system migration plan

    While migrating email to Microsoft® Office 365™ is not without risk, the right email system migration plan can help to mitigate problems and streamline the process.

    Your email system migration plan must address several areas of risk. Whenever email stores are moved from one system to another data loss and corruption is a real threat. Security is another issue, as certain protections may be unavailable for a period of time during migration, exposing data and users to a variety of email-borne threats. Since migration to Microsoft 365 email hosting often requires email systems to go offline temporarily, minimizing downtime and loss of productivity is critical.




    Executing a superior email system migration plan with Mimecast

    Mimecast provides a cloud-based, all-in-one subscription service for email security, archiving and continuity that delivers powerful support for your email system migration plan. Mimecast's Exchange to Office 365 migration tool helps to speed migration, reduce costs, protect against data loss and corruption, and ensure that email remains accessible to users throughout the migration process.

    To help you execute your migration plan more effectively, Mimecast provides services that include:

    • Email continuity services allow users to access live and historic email and attachments throughout all phases of your email system migration plan – even if it requires email servers to go offline. With Mimecast, you can achieve 100% Office 365 business continuity, enabling users to access email via powerful and intuitive desktop and mobile apps during planned downtime, an email outage or a disaster.
    • Email archiving services provide a secure and highly scalable archive in the cloud for a verifiable, immutable Office 365 backup for your data during migration. Mimecast ensures data integrity by storing three copies of each email in encrypted storage in geographically dispersed data centers.
    • Email security services deliver superior protection against advanced email threats as well as malware, spam and data leaks during your migration. With Mimecast, you can be sure that your email system migration plan will not expose your users or your data to added risk.


    Benefits for your email system Migration plan

    Mimecast's cloud-based services support all aspects of your email system migration plan, enabling you to:

    • Reduce the strain on your IT resources by simplifying and streamlining migration tasks.
    • Consolidate legacy archives into your new email system with a high-speed ingestion service.
    • Ensure compliance by protecting your migration with security measures and chains of custody that can be enforced at every step of the process.

    Learn more about managing an email system migration plan with Mimecast, and about choosing Mimecast as a Postini alternative solution.

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