Mimecast appoints Khetan Gajjar as the new Field Chief Technology Officer for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa

    JOHANNESBURG, South Africa, 26 June 2024 – Mimecast, an advanced email and collaboration security company, has appointed Khetan Gajjar as the new Field Chief Technology Officer (FCTO) for Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

    Khetan brings a wealth of expertise and leadership to his new role with over 25 years’ experience. He holds a Business Science (Honours) degree in Information Systems from the University of Cape Town. Khetan will provide a long-term vision for cybersecurity in the region, and play an active role in shaping the industry, market, and product strategy. As a trusted customer advisor, Khetan will recommend innovative technological solutions and integrate the voice of the customer into the strategic vision for the business. 

    “I am honoured and excited to step into this new role at Mimecast. As we navigate an era where human risk, AI advancements, and traditional email-borne threats converge, securing our cyber landscape has never been more critical. Protecting companies across EMEA isn't just about safeguarding data; it's about ensuring trust, innovation, and resilience in a rapidly evolving digital world. I look forward to working with our customers and partners to fortify their defences and lead the charge against cyber threats, empowering businesses to thrive with confidence,” said Khetan Gajjar, Field Chief Technology Officer, EMEA, Mimecast. 

    Over the years, Khetan has worked with, and served on, boards of various distinguished organisations in the information and communication technology sector, most recently leading the OpenWiFi Project Group for the Telecom Infra Project, and as a Connectivity Technology Ecosystem Manager at Meta. Additionally, he has served as a Council Member to the OpenWiFi Operators Council and as a Board Technology Advisor at Benu Networks in the United States of America. In South Africa, he held various executive roles at Vodacom, VAST Networks and Internet Solutions, to name a few.

    "We are thrilled to welcome Khetan as our new Field Chief Technology Officer for EMEA. His exceptional talent and visionary approach make him the perfect fit for this crucial role. With his deep expertise and innovative mindset, we are confident Khetan will drive our mission to secure businesses against evolving cyber threats, particularly in email and collaboration security. His leadership will be instrumental in expanding our presence and enhancing our impact across the region. We look forward to the remarkable growth and strengthened defences he will bring to our clients and our company,” said Brian Pinnock, Vice President Sales Engineering, EMEA, Mimecast.

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    Mimecast provides security for the collaborative world with an AI-powered, API-enabled platform built to protect businesses from a broad spectrum of cyber threats, including phishing, malware and business email compromise. More than 42,000 businesses globally rely on Mimecast for collaboration security, human risk management, and cloud archiving.

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