Simplify email archiving with Mimecast.

Simplify email archiving with Mimecast.

Die E-Mail-Archivierung ist eine der wichtigsten Aufgaben für Ihr IT-Team. E-Mails sind der allerwichtigste Speicher für das Gedächtnis eines Unternehmens. Die effektive E-Mail-Archivierung ist daher der Schlüssel zu den Erkenntnissen und dem Wissen, das in den enormen Volumina an geschäftlichen E-Mails enthalten ist. Außerdem sind E-Mail-Archivierung und Datenaufbewahrung unerlässlich für die Compliance mit einer Vielzahl regulatorischer Systeme.

Mimecast provides a secure and highly-scalable email archiving solution in Mimecast Enterprise Information Archiving. This powerful, easy-to-use cloud email archiving solution lets you work with a unified solution for email archiving, file archiving and IM archiving.

Mimecast's leading email archiving solution.

Mimecast Cloud Archive for Email, a core component of the Mimecast Platform, provides a highly-accessible, scalable archive for all inbound, outbound and internal email. With this email archiving solution, your users can tap a variety of desktop tools and mobile apps to easily search for and retrieve any email or file stored in the Mimecast email cloud.

To provide greater security and governance over email archiving, Mimecast gives your administrators central control of email retention with encrypted copies of each email stored in three separate locations. Granular litigation hold, e-discovery and superior reporting functionality help meet compliance and legal requirements. And with multiple geographically-dispersed data centers with built-in redundancy, Mimecast email archiving delivers the peace of mind that information stored in your email archives will always be available when needed.

Benefits for email archiving

Mit Mimecast Lösungen zur E-Mail-Archivierung können Sie:

  • Reduce the cost and complexity of email archiving with a single solution delivered through a tightly-integrated cloud platform. Mimecast minimizes your expenses by avoiding the need for on-premises hardware or software, by reducing the load on servers, and by minimizing requests to tech support for help retrieving email or repairing mailboxes.
  • Protect intellectual property and information assets with a purpose-built, highly-secure solution with 100% service availability SLA.
  • Provide fast access to cloud archive storage with tools for rapid search and content retrieval and a 7-second search SLA.
  • Compliance, E-Discovery und die Anforderungen bei Rechtsstreitigkeiten unterstützen. Das gelingt durch unbefristete E-Mail-Aufbewahrung und dokumentierte, manipulationssichere Datenherkunftsberichte.

In addition to Cloud Archive for Email, Mimecast offers a number of services to enhance governance, control and productivity. These include:

  • E-discovery and litigation Support, with centralized policy setting and enforcement to ensure a consistent approach to retention.
  • Storage Management for Exchange, providing tools to enforce email archive policy, control costs, ensure performance and manage the size of users' mailboxes.
  • Cloud Archive for Files, for storing files alongside email data in a secure archive.
  • Cloud Archive for instant messaging, offering the ability easily to archive IM conversations and content.