Email Archiving Solutions

    Mimecast's cloud-based email archiving solutions allow you to reduce costs and meet compliance requirements.

    What is email archiving software?

    Email archiving software stores email data that can be used for disaster recovery, as well as removing unneeded data to speed up daily email operations and reduce server storage space. In addition, email archiving is necessary to satisfy industry regulations that require preserving all email communications in the event of an audit or an investigation.




    Best email archiving software features

    The best email archiving software features include:

    • Fast and intuitive search access to stored email data
    • Simple management of complex amounts of critical email data
    • Thorough regulatory compliance
    • Cost-efficient operation


    Challenges of email archiving software

    With email archives growing at an exponential rate, organizations are turning to email archiving software to help manage this rising tide of information – but choosing the right solution can be challenging. Enterprise archiving must be easy to manage in order to conserve IT resources, but many email archiving software solutions are complex and difficult to use. Email archiving software and hardware frequently incur spiraling costs as data volumes continue to grow and not every solution can scale fast enough to meet the needs of a growing enterprise.

    Another challenge is when organizations need to merge email data from legacy systems. This involves massive quantities of data, resulting in a time-consuming and complicated proves of replacing or upgrading one email system with another. The process is often much more complex than expected. Moreover, certain legacy email systems are incompatible with newer technologies, making the data migration task all the more cumbersome and expensive.


    Mimecast eliminates the need for email archiving software

    Email administrators have long relied on email archiving software and on-premises hardware to manage email retention. But as the volume of enterprise email expands exponentially and shows no signs of slowing, email archiving software and hardware solutions are become more problematic. Server room sprawl is costly, and managing legacy clients, servers, systems and aging email archiving software is consuming more time than most IT departments can afford.

    Mimecast's cloud-based email archiving solutions lets you eliminate email archiving software, as well as the need for on-premises servers. Built on the secure and scalable Mimecast Platform, Mimecast's Cloud Archive for Email avoids the cost and complexity of maintaining email archiving software while giving users a bottomless mailbox and administrators superior email archive management capabilities.


    Why are email archiving solutions important?

    Email archiving solutions are essential for meeting email compliance requirements and maximizing the value of data stored within your email archives. Because email is the central tool for communication and collaboration within the enterprise, email archives contain enormous amounts of critical data, context, and corporate memory. Superior email archiving solutions speed up access to this information, make email discovery more efficient and reduce the cost and complexity of managing these quickly-growing stores of enterprise data.

    When you're seeking the right archiving solution for your enterprise, Mimecast offers email archiving solutions that simplify management and reduce expenses while providing users fast access to every email they've ever sent or received.

    Another consideration is the need for quick and efficient backup in the event of a ransomware attack. A comprehensive email archiving solution ensures business operations aren’t literally held for ransom should your email system ever be the target of a cyberattack. Mimecast is expert in security solutions to prevent business email compromise as well as email archiving solutions that protect, preserve, and manage email data.


    Best practices for email archiving

    Best practices for an email archiving solution include:

    • Invest in an email archiving solution that is secure, scalable, and cloud-based.
    • Ensure the email archiving solution fully complies with all federal laws and agency regulations applicable to your industry.
    • Provide drop and drag ability for users to easily move messages in and out of inbox as needed.
    • Ensure mobile access to personal email archive from any device.
    • Intuitive search capabilities.


    Email archiving solution from Mimecast

    Mimecast Cloud Archive for Email is a secure, scalable, cloud-based archive that eliminates the need for on-premises email archiving software and hardware. Offering easy-to-use tools for handling email retention policies, Mimecast email archiving solutions let you reduce both the cost and complexity of managing your email archive. With Mimecast email archiving solutions, you can simplify your network, reduce administrative overhead and ease the pressure on overcrowded server rooms while never going through high-risk data migrations or software upgrades ever again.

    Mimecast email archiving solutions provide your users with a bottomless mailbox, putting an end to complaints about mailbox size restrictions. Users never have to fret over which emails to keep and which to discard – they can keep everything in their personal archive and simply drag and drop messages back into their inbox when needed. Mobile users can access their personal email archive on-the-go from virtually any device. And with intuitive search capabilities and an industry-leading 7-second search SLA, users can quickly find and retrieve any inbound, outbound or internal email.


    Email archiving solution FAQs

    What is email archiving?

    Email archiving reduces normal email clutter by storing old or unneeded email communications to a storage site where they can be retrieved when and if needed to comply with regulatory or legal inquiries, as well as research historical communications.

    What is the difference between email archiving software and cloud-based email archiving solutions?

    A cloud-based email archiving solution is faster, less expensive, and more scalable than an on-premise email backup or archiving solution. A cloud-based email archiving solution can better manage the complex email communications and high data volumes of organizations.

    Is email archiving necessary?

    Email archiving is necessary for businesses for many reasons - it reduces normal email clutter, making your email servers faster and leaving your mailbox clean and up-to-date with the email communications you really need. Email archiving can protect your data and keep it secure against accidental and malicious data loss.

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