Mimecast launches Mimecaster Central, furthers dedication to customers’ cyber resilience success

    Exclusive online community offers Mimecast customers unparalleled resources, answers and support

    Watertown, MA – Mimecast Limited (NASDAQ: MIME), a leading email and data security company, today announced the official launch of Mimecaster Central, Mimecast’s exclusive customer community with more than 20,000 registered users. The online community has quickly become a go-to place in the market for email security, archiving and continuity experts in IT to engage in peer-to-peer discussion forums and exchange ideas.

    Mimecaster Central serves as a valuable place for Mimecast customers to find resources, answers and solutions for developing successful email security, business continuity and archiving strategies. The community offers users easy access to comprehensive technical support, education, training videos, community forums, service updates, engagement with user groups and the latest news on the advancing threat landscape. Only Mimecast customers and partners have access to network and exchange ideas that impact the development of Mimecast solutions with a vast network of like-minded IT professionals who are experts in email, security and archiving.

    “Mimecast is committed to delivering Legendary Customer Success™ and Mimecaster Central is at the heart of this program,” said Mark Bilbe, chief customer officer at Mimecast. “It is an exciting forum for the exchange of ideas and where Mimecast customers can engage with a 20,000+ strong community. As Mimecast continues to innovate in making email and data safer for business, our community – and their shared ideas and collaboration – are the driving force behind the continued growth of Mimecast solutions.”

    Up from 200 customers just under a year ago, Mimecaster Central’s now 20,000 members gain valuable insight into their cyber resilience strategies with the support of Mimecast and other community members. Customers are given a voice through Mimecaster Central’s ‘Shared Ideas’ section, as users have the unique chance to share and vote on ideas to be considered for implementation in new and existing Mimecast solutions. Customers have already shared over 300 service enhancement ideas, impacting Mimecast product development for a more robust, customer-centric roadmap.  

    “The involvement and determination from both Mimecast itself and Mimecasters actually using the product everyday sets Mimecaster Central apart from other communities,” said Jason Wright, exchange administrator at H&M Bay, Inc., Mimecast user and ‘Mimecast Legend’ within the community. “From the peer-to-peer standpoint, we are all mail administrators using the same product, generally for the same purposes, whether it’s archival, transport type of rules, security or virus filtering. The different perspectives on different situations is where the community shines – these oftentimes can be the answer to your question.”


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