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    Microsoft 365

    Email deserves more than Microsoft can give

    Unlock the power of Mimecast to enhance security and productivity within the Microsoft 365 ecosystem

    Key Points

    • What can Microsoft do well? What do they not do? And what do they not do well enough? And perhaps most importantly, why do 157 organizations stop depending solely on Microsoft 365 for email and add Mimecast every month?
    • Learn more about why Mimecast is the email security provider who can help reduce risk, simplify complexity, and manage costs. 

    "Many of today’s attacks are designed for Microsoft 365-dependent environments. In fact, Mimecast finds that 1 in 11 emails delivered by M365 E5 alone are malicious."


    Ninety-one percent of attacks still involve email; it remains businesses’ favorite workplace productivity tool and hackers’ top delivery mechanism. As Microsoft 365 customers leverage the capabilities of this robust productivity suite, security and compliance challenges remain at the forefront. 

    Mimecast’s multi-layered security solution protects against evolving threats, including phishing, ransomware, and impersonation attacks, providing robust defense for your organization. 

    Download the solution brief to learn why Mimecast is an indispensable companion for Microsoft 365 customers, offering comprehensive email security, continuity, compliance management and productivity enhancements that seamlessly integrate with the Microsoft ecosystem.

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