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    Let employees collaborate securely with Protection for Microsoft Teams

    Microsoft Teams Protection

    Collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams have become essential business tools, but they have also opened to the door to increased risk. Dangerous URLs and files can easily be shared, spreading like wildfire due to the instantaneous nature of the platform. How can you support productivity without sacrificing security? Enter Protection for Microsoft Teams. This easy-to-deploy, easy-to-administer solution delivers fully integrated protection for email and collaboration in a single platform.


    Block viruses, malware, and phishing

    Extend Mimecast’s world-class security inspections to URLs and files shared in Microsoft Teams.


    AI-powered inspections

    Deep scanning of URLs, real-time file inspection



    Protection for email and collaboration in a single platform


    Simplified administration

    Rapid deployment, optimized protections out of the box, low administrative burden

    The Challenge

    Collaboration - a new breed of risk

    Microsoft Teams may seem quite different to email, but the risks it poses are in many ways the same or even greater. With guest access enabled by default, it gives third-parties easy access to the laptops, hearts, and minds of every employee, allowing infected files and dangerous URLs to easily be shared. Thanks to the instantaneous nature of the platform, malicious content can spread like wildfire.
Compounding that risk is the reality that collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams largely sit unprotected, while employee trust in them borders on absolute. The time to get ahead of this new breed of threat is now.

    See it in action

    See Mimecast Protection for Microsoft Teams in action

    Mimecast’s Email Security Cloud Integrated Interactive Product Tour

    Explore how Email Security CI makes securing your organization easier than ever.

    Our Solution

    The Mimecast Collaboration Security Solution

    Protection for Microsoft Teams extends Mimecast’s best-in-class detection technologies to URLs and files shared in the Microsoft Teams platform, providing an essential security layer for this often unprotected channel. Fully integrated with Email Security, Cloud Integrated, it delivers comprehensive protection in a single, easy to administer platform.


    Deep scanning of URLs


    Real-time file inspection


    Full integration with Email Security, Cloud Integrated


    Intuitive dashboard for monitoring and reporting


    End-user notification of blocked content


    Optimized out of the box


    Simple to administer


    Full deployment in minutes

    Email Security, Cloud Integrated
    Icon_ Cloud Integrated.svg

    Email Security,
    Cloud Integrated

    Best-in-class protection, simplified
    administration, immediate deployment.

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    Looking for an email security solution that deploys in minutes and is optimized out of the box?

    Then Mimecast Email Security, Cloud Integrated may be the solution for you. An Integrated Cloud Email Security solution that does not require an MX record change, it's purpose-built to enhance native M365 protections, deploying in just minutes and providing out-of-the-box settings that immediately optimize security and make administration a snap.


    Collaboration Security FAQs

    What is collaboration security?

    Collaboration Security is technology that is used to keep dangerous content – like malware, phishing, and viruses – out of tools that employees use for instant messaging, file sharing, etc. Some examples of collaboration tools include Microsoft Teams, Microsoft OneDrive, Microsoft SharePoint, and Slack.

    Why is collaboration security important?

    Collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams may seem quite different to email, but the risks they pose are the same and possibly even greater. Guest access is usually enabled by default, giving third parties easy access to your environment. The instantaneous nature of these platforms means that dangerous content can spread like wildfire, and employee trust in these tools borders on absolute. Without protections in place, organizations leave the door open to dangerous and costly cyberattacks.

    Why is Microsoft Teams Protection important?

    Adoption of M365 has skyrocketed, which makes Microsoft an extremely valuable target for cyber criminals. Attacks against this platform are relentless. Following the best practice of layered security and having the strongest possible protections in place is essential.

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