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    Centrax Fires Up its Cybersecurity with a Complete Set of Defenses


    Armed with the complete suite of Mimecast solutions, Centrax took down the phishing attack overnight, shored up protection against future threats, and trained employees to be more proactive in protecting their data and email. The subsequent addition of Mimecast’s AI-powered CyberGraph reinforced Centrax’s security posture.


    With ransomware and phishing attacks on the rise, Centrax bolstered its cyber defenses across the organization to better detect and neutralize threats while keeping its customers’ critical power-generation processes running.

    From French energy giant ENGIE, which use a Centrax gas turbine to heat the city of Versailles, to German chemical giant BASF, which uses a Centrax generator package to fuel its manufacturing processes, businesses around the world rely on Centrax to power their organizations and the communities they serve.

    But that’s not all that ties them together. Every one of Centrax’s customers need to ensure its services are secure and dependable.

    “Without our products, national grids and critical manufacturing processes would go down, potentially affecting millions of people,” says Daniel Mortimore, IT support analyst at Devon, England-based Centrax. “Uptime and security are non-negotiable for our customers, which

    is why we provide them with comprehensive maintenance contracts, dedicated in-country teams, and the highest possible standard of cybersecurity.”

    In fact, security is a top priority for Centrax, not just to protect its customers’ interests but also as a value-add for new prospects. To that end, Centrax partnered with Mimecast to build on its existing security solutions with a complete suite of cyber defenses, ranging from email protection, to employee awareness training, to advanced data protection fueled by artificial intelligence (AI).

    “Our customers and suppliers want to know we have resilient cybersecurity measures in place before doing business with us, and thanks to Mimecast we can give them that peace of mind,” Mortimore says.

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