SaaS Email Security

    Mimecast's SaaS email security solution is easy to implement and provides organizations with advanced protection from email-borne threats.

    Protect data and users with Mimecast's SaaS email security

    For IT teams managing competing priorities and budget constraints, SaaS email security solutions from Mimecast can help to reduce the cost and complexity of Information security management.

    Email security is critical to protecting your organization as well as its users, customers and data. Email is often the first target of cyber criminals seeking to breach corporate defenses, and email-borne threats continue to multiply in number and in sophistication. Today, IT teams must not only protect against viruses and malware, but against targeted attacks like spear-phishing, impersonation attacks like whaling email, not to mention ransomware and insider threats.

    Procuring, installing, maintaining and upgrading individual solutions to address diverse threats only adds to the complexity and cost of managing email security. That's why more organizations today turn to Mimecast's SaaS email security for an all-in-one solution for protecting business email.




    An easy-to-use, SaaS email security solution

    As a cloud-based, subscription service, Mimecast's SaaS email security solution requires no software to be purchased, no hardware to be installed and no infrastructure to be managed. Upfront capital costs are replaced with a predictable monthly subscription fee. And all Mimecast solutions can be configured, managed and monitored with a web-based GUI on a single pane of glass.

    In addition to SaaS email security services, Mimecast's offering provides tools for email archiving, continuity, backup and recovery, compliance and e-Discovery, enabling organizations to ensure that email is always available, always replicated and always secure.


    A comprehensive SaaS email security solution

    Mimecast's SaaS email security solution includes tools for defending against all email-borne threats, including:

    • Viruses and spam. Mimecast's Secure Email Gateway provides powerful spam and virus protection.
    • Ransomware. Mimecast's SaaS email security services mitigate ransomware by preventing infections, archiving data to avoid data loss, and automating quick recovery of impacted email and attachments.
    • Impersonation attacks. Mimecast scans all inbound emails in real-time to detect anomalies in messages that may indicate impersonation or spoofing attacks, using SPF, DKIM and DMARC compliance to authenticate DNS.
    • Spear-phishing. Mimecast's anti phishing software detects and blocks suspicious email that includes malicious URLs or that attempts to impersonate trusted sources.
    • Internal threats and data leaks. Mimecast SaaS email security solutions include data loss protection services that scan all internal debt outbound email for signs of malicious activity or inadvertent data leaks.

    Mimecast also promotes information protection by providing tools for secure messaging and for securely sending large files (up to 2 GB).

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