Data Migration

    As SaaS provider, Mimecast's data migration technology solves migration challenges without draining IT resources or budgets.

    Improving email data migration speed, accuracy and security

    As organizations increasingly turn to cloud services to reduce costs and increase computing power, data migration for legacy email archives presents a growing challenge. Email archives represent an invaluable store of information, but ingesting and migrating legacy email to a cloud archive can be quite costly and can pose a compliance risk if email is lost, corrupted or breached during data migration. The process is further complicated by the need to determine which email has sufficient value to include it in data migration.

    To minimize the risk of data migration as well as the cost and burden on IT teams, organizations need powerful migration solutions that use a proven methodology to ensure a successful transition to data archiving in the cloud. That's where Mimecast can help.




    Managing data migration with Mimecast

    Mimecast provides solutions for email archiving, email security, backup and recovery and business continuity service for email, in a cloud-based service that help to simplify the task and reduce the cost of managing business email. Mimecast Cloud Archive provides a centralized repository of email data while Mimecast's Intelligent Data migration service provides rapid migration of email from legacy archives to the Mimecast cloud. Mimecast processes data quickly while maintaining compliance-driven chains of custody to minimize the pain, complexity and investment required for data migration. As a managed service, Mimecast's data migration technology solves migration challenges without draining IT resources or budgets.

    Mimecast data migration service includes:

    • High-speed extraction and conversion of archived email data.
    • Enforcement of security and chains of custody, with auditing and event reporting.
    • Options for simple data culling and preservation.
    • Preservation of folder structure from existing source data on select platforms.

    Mimecast's data migration service provides fast, accurate, secure and cost-effective migration of legacy archived data, with support for most major on-premises archives and mail storage formats.


    Benefits of Mimecast's data migration solution

    With data migration from Mimecast, you can:

    • Minimize complexity with an end-to-end solution for migrating data from on-premise archives to the cloud.
    • Easily include older and obsolete email formats through a simple conversion.
    • Preserve your most important data with pre-migration organization and categorization of archived data.
    • Protect data integrity in transit and at rest to ensure peace of mind during data migration.
    • Quickly search and access legacy data in the Mimecast cloud using desktop and mobile apps.

    Learn more about data migration and Mimecast, and about Mimecast's email backup solution.

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