Email Disaster Recovery

Vereinfachen Sie das Notfall-Recovery von E-Mails.

Vereinfachen Sie das Notfall-Recovery von E-Mails.

Email disaster recovery is a critical part of IT security. When email goes down, business will quickly grind to a halt. Email downtime means reduced productivity, lost customers and lower revenue. When an outage occurs, the organization needs a way to restore email as quickly as possible.

In the past, planning for email disaster recovery was a difficult task requiring expensive redundant systems and time-consuming business continuity management protocols. But today, businesses that want.

Mimecast’s email disaster recovery solution.

Mimecast provides an all-in-one cloud-based service for email management that offers leading solutions for email security, archiving and continuity. In addition to email disaster recovery, Mimecast provides data security protection and malware protection as well as defenses against advancedemail security threats.

Mimecast’s email disaster recovery solution enables users to continue to send and receive email during a disaster, an Office 365 outage or during planned downtime. When a downtime event occurs, Mimecast initiates an immediate switchover to ensure no interruption in the flow of email. Employees can continue to access email as usual on any device from any location, and are often completely unaware that a problem has occurred.

Weil die Anwender auch bei einem Ausfall weiterhin Zugriff auf ihre E-Mails haben, beseitigt die Mailbox-Kontinuität von Mimecast die Flut von Anrufen beim Helpdesk, die bei einem Notfall ansonsten üblich wäre. Die Mimecast Technologie für das Notfall-Recovery von E-Mails behebt Ausfälle schneller, verringert die Kosten und verbessert die Leistung.

Email disaster recovery with Mimecast is easy to manage with a network of geographically dispersed data centers — each with built-in redundancy to protect against failure. Mimecast significantly lowers or eliminates the need for complex, on-premises, resilient infrastructure. By enabling administrators to manage failover events from a single console, Mimecast significantly simplifies the network and reduce administrative burden.

Benefits of email disaster recovery with Mimecast.

Email disaster recovery with Mimecast includes:

  • Ununterbrochener Zugriff auf alle aktuellen und historischen E-Mails und Kalenderinformationen.
  • Ein Service-Level-Agreement mit 100 % Service-Verfügbarkeit.
  • Automatic synchronization of mailboxes after email servers are back online.
  • Centralized control and management of failover events and outages.
  • Instant failover and fail back to reduce RPO and RTO for email to near zero.

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