Cloud Based Email Archiving

    Protect your data with cloud-based email archiving

    Protect your data with cloud-based email archiving

    Cloud-based email archiving can help to simplify the difficult task of managing ever-growing volumes of email data. Traditionally, organizations have managed this overwhelming growth with a variety of on-premises point solutions for storage, archive management, search and security. But cloud-based email archiving provides greater scalability and lets IT teams offload management of email storage. With the right the cloud-based email archiving solution, IT administrators can also simplify management of retention and spend less time complying with legal and regulatory compliance requests.

    For companies seeking a leading cloud-based email archiving solution that is both highly resilient and easy to manage, Mimecast Enterprise Information Archiving is the answer.




    Mimecast's cloud-based email archiving

    Mimecast Enterprise Information Archiving offers secure, perpetual storage and powerful retention management tools along with the high scalability of predictable costs of a true cloud-based email archiving architecture.

    With a single, unified cloud archive, Mimecast provides:

    • Fast search tools that let users find archived email or retrieve deleted email within seconds, without the help of IT.
    • A single, unified administrative console to manage email retention policies.
    • Comprehensive support for e-discovery, litigation and compliance requests, including legal hold, case management and data export.
    • Secure storage in an AES encrypted archive, with triplicate copies of each message stored in geographically dispersed data centers.
    • Per-employee pricing rather than pricing based on the volume of email storage, helping to reduce TCO.

    Mimecast's cloud-based email archiving solution also provides file archive software and storage for IM conversations, enabling a broad range of data to be kept in a single cloud-based archive.


    Benefits of Mimecast's cloud-based email archiving

    • Reduce cost and complexity with a solution that relies on a single cloud platform and administrative console.
    • Put archived email at users' fingertips with rapid search and retrieval using a single, intuitive search interface that works with a variety of mobile and desktop apps.
    • Reduce costs with a cloud-based email archiving solution that requires no capital investment in additional hardware or software.
    • Protect data with encrypted storage and compliance-driven chains of custody.
    • Provide a powerful Office 365 cloud email backup, helping to mitigate single vendor exposure. 
      Learn more about cloud-based email archiving from Mimecast, and about solutions for hybrid migration in Office 365 and Outlook email archive software.
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