Mimecast Makes Business Email Easy Again

Are you thinking too much about your business email, spending too much time managing it?  Does it cost you too much money to archive email and too much time to constantly monitor for security and continuity?

Mimecast’s cloud based email service transforms email into a business enabler. By reducing risks, lowering costs and improving productivity, we make running your business email easy - so you can focus on the real reason you come to work.

  • Cost effective:

    Dramatically reduced costs, no upfront investment, and predictable future costs
  • Simple to manage:

    A single admin console for email management, delivered by one vendor with one SLA
  • Litigation-ready:

    Rapid access to tamper proof email and data to support the most demanding legal requirements
  • Low risk:

    Email security, continuity and archiving your business can depend on completely
  • More productive:

    Fewer help desk queries, simpler management, and less time spent on maintenance and upgrades
  • Familiar:

    Mimecast works within the Outlook interface that’s known and trusted by users, so no user training is required
  • Migration-ready:

    Mimecast mitigates the risks inherent in migration to Microsoft Exchange 2010 or Office 365.
  • Organizational flexibility:

    Mimecast helps make your IT function leaner and better able to support a strategic repositioning in the market or the rapid development of new products and services.