Insider Threat Program

    An insider threat program from Mimecast

    Stop internal leaks and attacks with an insider threat program

    With a growing number of today's cyber attacks originating inside organizations, more IT teams are considering an insider threat program to ensure cyber security.

    A superior insider threat program must address the three specific types of insider threat:

    • The Malicious Insider – an employee intent on damaging the organization, leaking data or stealing information and intellectual property.
    • The Compromised Insider – a user whose email account or system credentials have been unknowingly hijacked through credential harvesting, phishing emails, social engineering or malware. These attacks are often initiated via email when a user clicks a malicious link, opens malicious email attachments or inadvertently divulges private information in a spear-phishing attack. The Compromised Insider is a critical component of advanced persistent threats, where attackers gain unauthorized access to a network and remain there undetected for days or weeks.
    • The Careless Insider – a user who chooses to ignore or who does not understand the organization's security policies around sharing sensitive data through unsecured email, for example.

    Since all three kinds of insider threat involve or center on email, any successful insider threat program must address email security first and foremost. That's exactly what you get with Mimecast.




    An insider threat program from Mimecast

    Mimecast provides a comprehensive suite of cloud-based solutions for email security, archiving and continuity. Managed via a single pane of glass, Mimecast's advanced threat protection services help to simplify email risk management while reducing the cost and complexity of keeping email safe and available.

    Mimecast Internal Email Protect is an insider threat program that addresses all forms of insider threats. To block phishing attacks, social engineering and malware injection, Mimecast scans all attachments and URLs for malicious links and suspicious content. And to stop inadvertent or malicious data leaks, Mimecast filters content in all outgoing email for anything matching data leak prevention policies.

    By monitoring, detecting and remediating email-borne security threats, Mimecast's insider threat program successfully neutralizes attacks and careless behavior by employees.


    Benefits of Mimecast's insider threat program

    With an insider threat program powered by Mimecast's cloud-based services, you can:

    • Automate insider threat detection to prevent leaks, ransomware attacks, impersonation fraud and other attacks targeting or perpetrated by insiders.
    • Automatically remove internal emails determined to contain threats.
    • Reduce the risk and impact of a security breach, preventing it from spreading throughout the organization.
    • Prevent malicious or inadvertent leaks from damaging the organization's reputation.
    • Manage your insider threat program from a single administrative console.

    Learn more about an insider threat program with Mimecast, and about how Mimecast archiving tools can simplify Outlook recovery.

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