Email Privacy

    The challenge of email privacy in business communications.

    Challenges of email privacy in business communications

    Your employees need a way to ensure email privacy when communicating sensitive or confidential information with people outside your organization. One way is with enterprise email encryption, using Public Key infrastructure or enforced server-to-server Transport Layer Security to protect information in transit and stop inadvertent or deliberate data leaks.

    But sending encrypted email is not an easy task. It often creates significant administrative burden and requires end-users with little experience to worry about complex access keys and encryption methods. When you need an easier way to ensure email privacy, Mimecast Secure Messaging provides a user-friendly secure channel for sending and receiving sensitive information through email.




    Keep your email private with Mimecast

    Mimecast Secure Messaging ensures email privacy by allowing sensitive information to never leave the secure Mimecast cloud.

    When greater email privacy is required, a user simply needs to check a Send Secure option before pressing Send on any email. Email privacy may also be invoked automatically, when content within the email or attachments meets certain criteria set by email security administrators.

    The email and any attachments are then uploaded to the Mimecast cloud where they are scanned with email virus protection and data leak protection technology and stored in a secure AES-encrypted archive.

    The recipient of the message receives a notification via email with information about how to log into the Secure Messaging portal. Once logged in, the recipient can read and reply to secure messages or initiate new messages to recipients within your organization with complete email privacy.


    Benefits email privacy solutions from Mimecast

    While Mimecast Secure Messaging provides all of the email protection of traditional email privacy solutions, it offers significant advantages over these methods.

    • Greater email privacy. Because IT administrators cannot view information sent with email privacy settings, Mimecast’s solution offers tighter protection than server-to-server encryption.
    • Simplicity. Neither senders nor recipients need to worry about complex encryption technology. With Mimecast, selecting email privacy options is a simple part of a user’s workflow.
    • More control. Mimecast provides granular message controls that can be selected by senders or invoked by policy settings. Controls include options to rapidly revoke message access, enforce message expiration dates, require a read receipt, and prevent Reply, Reply All and printing.
    • Customizable branding. The Secure Messaging portal can be designed to conform to your organization’s brand to increase confidence among senders and recipients.

    Learn more about Mimecast’s email privacy technology and about Mimecast’s email spam filters that can prevent 99% of email spam with 0.0001% false positives.

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