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    The Definition of Innovative Cyber Threat Prevention

    You've heard it all. Until now.

    by Boris Vaynberg

    By now, you have probably been exposed to every promise, sales pitch, marketing hype and yes, even technological wonder when it comes to new security solutions to old (and very pervasive) problems.

    However, disrupting the status quo and helping enterprises exit the “cat and mouse” game of adversary vs. defender is no easy task and requires a bold new approach by every CISO and IT security professional to dealing with cybercriminals.

    Radically Innovative Cyber Threat Prevention

    Solebit (now part of the Mimecast family) has developed the first radically innovative network-based cyber threat prevention approach in the past decade. SoleGATE™, by Solebit, is the technologically-advanced cybersecurity software platform for the realtime identification and prevention of zero-day malware and unknown threats in any non-executable content instantaneously and accurately, without the need for sandboxing, detonation or disarm/reconstruction.

    The patented DvC™ parser-based engine within SoleGATE™ challenges the norms of currently available technologies that rely on slow, costly and outdated methods of network sandboxing, signatures and behavioral inspection.

    It also challenges emerging approaches such as content disarm/reconstruction (CDR) that are impractical and ineffective in deployment. With SoleGATE™, enterprises benefit from instantaneous protection using modern evasion-proof, signature-less, patented technology to address 1) today’s evolving threat landscape, and 2) the increasingly prevalent move to cloud computing without the overhead, guesswork, prediction or latency.

    Even File-less Malware Is Prevented

    The SoleGATE™ premise is simple: executable code in any type of non-executable content such as datafiles and datastreams is malware, and therefore should not be permitted to enter any organization. And, finally, SoleGATE™ is conclusive: content is either infected (quarantined) or it is not (clean). There is no behavioral analysis or guesswork.

    The SoleGATE™ premise applies to protection against malware in active content and file-less malware as well. Active content such as macros is de-obfuscated no matter the level of nesting or encryption and evaluated using the patented DvC™ parser-based engine to determine its true purpose. Malicious scripts, links and URLs that may be hidden, self-extracting or even on remote servers are instantaneously analyzed and determined to be clean or not.

    Less Resources, Less Costs

    Since SoleGATE™ is a network-based software security solution, it does not require additional capital investment as do other solutions. It also not does need additional human capital to manage and constantly monitor, which drives up operational TCO. SoleGATE™ is parser-based, and does not require detonation, runtime analysis, disarm/reconstruction; it is agnostic to client-side applications, OS’s and the environment in which it operates.

    As such, it is not evadable and can handle extremely high volumes of content traffic directly through major ingress vectors such as email, and through simple yet extensible RESTful API integrations directly with proxies for web downloads, B2B connections and cloud file sharing applications using the same DvC™ engine for identical results to provide enterprises homogeneous and granular results down to the exploit and attack payload no matter how encrypted or obfuscated it may be.


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