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    Sophisticated Cyberattacks Call for Email Security Innovation

    Frost & Sullivan’s Frost Radar Email Security, 2022 report points to continued growth in the sophistication of cyberattacks, citing that vendors need to continue to innovate.

    by Johan Dreyer

    Key Points

    • The Frost Radar Email Security, 2022 report identifies cybersecurity companies that are best placed to deliver on growth and innovation.
    • Mimecast has been ranked in the second-highest position in the email security market by Frost & Sullivan.
    • The report warns that organizations must seek out email security partners that can innovate and have a strong growth potential.

    Frost & Sullivan’s Frost Radar is a benchmarking report designed to spark companies to action. The report identifies the companies that are best placed in their industry to deliver on the opportunities of the future through consistent growth and innovation. Companies recognized by Frost & Sullivan in their Frost Radar reports deliver innovation that fuels new deals and growth pipelines.

    Frost & Sullivan has ranked Mimecast in the second-highest position in its Frost Radar Email Security, 2022 report, citing the company’s potential for both growth and innovation.

    Email Security’s Growth Environment

    The report notes that in response to the increasing severity and sophistication of cyberattacks, the email security market has had strong double-digit growth over the last few years. Organizations migrating from on-premises to cloud-based solutions also offer opportunities for growth for email security vendors.

    In addition, the tail end of the COVID-19 pandemic has left organizations with remote working as a new standard, requiring accelerated cloud migration as well. And lastly, the geopolitical impacts of regional conflicts compound the threat of cyberattacks as malware becomes weaponized for cyberwarfare, leaving organizations wanting to strengthen their email security solutions because of the increased uncertainty

    Strategic Imperatives

    Email remains the center of modern cyberattacks and the threat landscape continues to change rapidly. Remote work has introduced new vulnerabilities for users and organizations, including many employees using personal devices to conduct business. Organizations should consider the following strategic imperatives when it comes to email security:

    • Legacy secure email gateway security solutions are not equipped to manage the growing number of devices.
    • Attacks may combine web-based threats with specific email attack methods.
    • Integrating secure email solutions for devices and cloud-based environments is imperative for growth.

    Cyberattacks utilizing artificial intelligence can quickly compromise cloud-based environments and ransomware attacks are increasing as attackers capitalize on remote working environments that lack proper security management. Managing and integrating piecemeal solutions is expensive and complicated.

    Fortunately, however, utilizing APIs with innovative AI algorithms allows for greater detection of sophisticated threats and the convergence of cloud security functions allows for simplistic and highly effective solutions. In addition, technologies that are incorporated into a comprehensive security suite provide holistic, integrated solutions that will be the future of security portfolios.

    As mergers and acquisitions have taken place, vendors acquired technologies to enhance email security solutions. Those solutions incorporated into a comprehensive security suite allow customers to invest in an entire digital platform protection solution and are the future of security portfolios.

    Organizations Need a Fully Integrated Suite

    According to the report, Mimecast holds a strong market position because the company offers a fully integrated suite of proprietary cloud services. Mimecast’s integrated cloud suite focuses on email security, archiving, and continuity, and continues to emphasize the enhancement of cyber resilience for email and prioritizes various anti-phishing advancements. The report states, “the introduction of new email security solutions in 2022 will continue to elevate the company as an industry leader.”

    Mitigate Risk Across Email with AI and ML

    In August 2022, Mimecast introduced the newest enhancement to its email security suite, a new email security product known as Email Security, Cloud Integrated. The product is built on Mimecast’s X1 Platform, which serves as the foundation for the Mimecast product suite and is designed to mitigate risk across email communication through robust detection technologies powered by AI and ML.

    The X1 Platform ties in data analytics with the goal of making information more actionable for customers. This includes discovery and analysis of new threats to support data cross correlation extending beyond just email systems.

    Seek Growth Potential

    Mimecast was placed by Frost & Sullivan in one of the highest positions on the Frost Radar Email Security, 2022, and has the second-highest market share of 15%. The report states this demonstrates “Mimecast’s persistence to be dominant in the email security industry”.

    The report goes on to state, “The newest Email Security Cloud Integrated product line allows Mimecast to continue to be a leader in the small and midsize market with a product that provides industry leading efficacy while also being simple to manage and easy to deploy. This shows that the company is motivated to grow in new segments and locations but is also maintaining focus on the business segment with which it has achieved success.”

    The Bottom Line

    Frost & Sullivan’s placement of Mimecast as the second-highest company in both growth and innovation is a strong indicator that the company is not only ready for new markets and new customers but is also a solid bet for existing customers as the email security market continues to heat up and continues to battle some of the most sophisticated cybersecurity threats. Companies wishing to learn more about how Mimecast fared in the Frost Radar Email Security, 2022 report can read the full report. Companies that are ready to get started can get a quote or even start a free trial.

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