Email Availability

Ensure email availability with Mimecast.

Ensure email availability with Mimecast.

Email availability has become a business-critical priority. As the principal method of communication between employees, customers, vendors and partners, email is the single most important repository of information in your organization. When email isn't available, your business simply cannot function well.

Mimecast provides all-in-one business email management solutions that deliver email availability, email continuity, security and simplified email management. Built on a highly scalable and resilient cloud platform, Mimecast email availability solutions ensure access to any email from any device, anywhere and anytime – even during outages and planned downtime – for a lower cost than traditional on-premises solutions.

Mimecast makes email availability easy.

Mimecast Enterprise Information Archiving provides a secure, dependable and highly-scalable solution for email availability. The Mimecast cloud platform provides a unified repository for archiving emailsas well as files and IM conversations. Administrators manage email backup and archive policies from a single administrative console, while intuitive desktop and mobile applications allow users to access archive content without needing support from IT.

Mimecast's email availability solution enables you to:

  • Schützen Sie wertvolle Informationen und geistiges Eigentum mit einer speziell dafür entwickelten, sicheren und vertrauenswürdigen Cloud-Plattform und mit Unterstützung eines Service Level Agreements für 100 Prozent Service-Verfügbarkeit.
  • Improve productivity by providing employees with tools for rapid search and content retrieval.
  • Deliver comprehensive compliance, e-discovery and litigation support through perpetual retention and compliance-driven chains of custody for all archived data.
  • Verringern Sie die Kosten2 und die Komplexität Ihrer Lösung für die E-Mail-Verfügbarkeit mit einer einzelnen Cloud-Plattform und Admin-Konsole. Zusätzliche, teure Hard- und Software sind nicht erforderlich.

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Security and continuity solutions for email availability.

Mimecast's security and continuity solutions also support email availability. Mimecast Email Security offers multi-layered protection against advanced threats and data loss, including protection from spear-fishing, spam, malware and viruses to ensure continuous access to email. With Mimecast's cloud-based solution, you get always-on and always up-to-date protection without the complexity and cost of traditional offerings. Mimecast Email Security also includes solutions for data leak prevention, secure messaging and encryption, and secure large file sharing.

Der Mimecast Service für E-Mail-Kontinuität stellt sicher, dass Ihre Mitarbeiter ununterbrochen Zugriff auf alle aktuellen und historischen E-Mails und Anhänge haben – auch während eines plötzlichen Ausfalls oder geplanter Wartungsarbeiten.

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