Business Continuity Planning & Management

    E-Mail-Zugriff ist entscheidend für das Management der Geschäftskontinuität. 

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    What is Business Continuity?

    Business continuity is the ability for an organzation to continue to be productive during a disruptive incidnet. Business continuity is not only refers to the ability for organizations to continue to produce products and services, but it also refers to the ability for employees to continue to be productive during a disruptive period.

    In today's age, email is the backbone of business collaboration and productivity. Mimecast Mailbox Continuity provides simple, cost-effective protection against downtime events, including outages, maintenance, data migration & more.

    What is Business Continuity?

    Email Access Is Critical to Business Continuity Management

    Die Sicherstellung des E-Mail-Zugriffs im Verlauf von geplanten oder ungeplanten Ausfällen sollte unter allen Aspekten des Managements der Geschäftskontinuität oberste Priorität haben. 

    That’s why, when planning for business continuity management, email disaster recovery must be a huge part of the conversation. Organizations around the globe are turning to Mimecast Mailbox Continuity solutions to keep email flowing and support business continuity management. 

    When your business can't afford email downtime, superior business continuity services from Mimecast can help to provide uninterrupted access to live in historic emails, even when primary email servers are down. 

    Email is indispensable to business. Employees rely on email virtually every waking our, and business communication quickly grinds to a halt when email servers go down. That's why email systems are often the primary target for cyber criminals seeking to wreak havoc or penetrate corporate defenses. It's also why more organizations today turn to business continuity services from Mimecast to make downtime a thing of the past. 

    Email Access Is Critical to Business Continuity Management

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    Archiving with Business Continuity Management Solutions from Mimecast

    Mimecast provides a cloud-based subscription service that delivers all-in-one solutions for email continuity, archiving and security. From best-of-breed protection from targeted threats to easy-to-manage Office 365 compliance archiving, Mimecast provides the tools to simplify all aspects of protecting and managing business email. 

    For business continuity management, Mimecast Mailbox Continuity ensures that users have access to email during an outage, an Office 365 outage or planned downtime — without requiring significant capital investments or managing complex redundant systems. 

    Mimecast provides uninterrupted access to live and historic email attachments using everyday tools like Outlook for Windows. Employees may continue to send and receive messages on any device from any location. Mimecast’s 100% service availability SLA ensures that business continuity management professionals won’t need to worry about email during a disaster.

    Archiving with Business Continuity Management Solutions from Mimecast

    Business Continuity Services from Mimecast

    Mimecast offers business continuity services as part of an all-in-one subscription service for email continuity, email retention, email security and data backup and recovery. Mimecast Mailbox Continuity provide simple, cost-effective protection against downtime events, including natural disasters, data migration, cloud outages, system failure and planned maintenance. 

    Mimecast business continuity services monitor inbound and outbound email from on-premises servers or cloud-based services like Office 365. When a downtime event occurs, administrators can quickly reroute email through the Mimecast Platform, making Mimecast the primary email path. Internal email is captured and retained through journaling, while folders and calendars are replicated and most-used contacts are synced to enable business to operate as usual. Users can access email through Outlook, mobile, web and Mac apps that offer fully functional email capabilities, including access to distribution lists. In addition to continuing to receive live email, users have full access to historical archives through the Mimecast Cloud Archive option, increasing productivity and ensuring archiving compliance

    Business continuity services from Mimecast help to simplify management of downtime events with tools to monitor, alert and manage inbound and outbound email disruptions. Administrators can rapidly trigger continuity events, while automatic mailbox synchronization lets administrators avoid wasting time on cleanup tasks. 

    Business Continuity Services from Mimecast

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    Benefits for Business Continuity Planning

    Mimecast unterstützt das Management der Geschäftskontinuität und bietet: 

    • Ein nahtloses Benutzererlebnis. Wenn E-Mail-Server oder Netzwerkinfrastruktur ausfallen, können die Anwender weiterhin auf ihren vertrauten Geräten E-Mails versenden und empfangen. 
    • Sofortiges Failover und Fail-back verringern RPO und RTO für E-Mails auf nahezu Null. 
    • Automatische Mailbox-Synchronisation nach einem Failover-Ereignis, um die Hektik in den IT-Teams ohne zusätzliche Belastungen zu verringern. 
    • Central management of continuity events from a single, web-based console. 
    • Eine Lösung, die schnell eingesetzt werden kann und ohne gekaufte Hard- oder Software auskommt, für geringere Kosten und weniger IT-Aufwand. 

    Learn more about Mimecast solutions for business continuity management, as well as Mimecast data leakage prevention and Outlook email archiving solutions

    Mimecast business continuity services provide: 

    • 100% service availability SLA. 
    • Ununterbrochener Zugriff auf alle aktuellen und historischen E-Mails und Kalenderinformationen. 
    • Management of downtime events for on-premises, cloud and hybrid email systems. 
    • Instant failover and failback, reducing RPO and RTO for email to near zero. 
    • Automatic synchronization of mailboxes after downtime events have been resolved, to prevent confusion without requiring intervention from IT. 
    • SMS continuity alerts to ensure fast communication between IT and end users. 
    • A cloud-based solution with no hardware or software to install, maintain or upgrade. 

    Learn more about business continuity services from Mimecast, and about Mimecast solutions for file recovery and for managing email retention requirements.

    Benefits for Business Continuity Planning

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