Barracuda Sentinel Replacement

    Learn why Barracuda customers may now be considering switching from Barracuda Sentinel.

    Looking for a Barracuda Sentinel replacement?

    Customers uncertain about the Barracuda’s ability to keep pace with a rapidly evolving threat landscape may be seeking a Barracuda Sentinel replacement. As cyber threats like impersonation fraud, phishing and ransomware increase in severity and sophistication, organizations need to be sure their email cyber security solutions are continuing to innovate to deliver the strongest possible defenses against advanced threats.

    The key to finding a Barracuda Sentinel replacement is choosing a solution that can deliver cyber resilience by providing continuous access to email before, during and after an attack. Companies switching from Barracuda Sentinel should also look for email security services that are fully integrated with other email technology to simplify email management with easy-to-use solutions for managing business email.

    For many companies considering a Barracuda Sentinel replacement, Mimecast’s all-in-one solutions for email security, archiving, continuity and compliance provide a compelling alternative.




    Mimecast offers a powerful Barracuda Sentinel replacement solution

    As a Barracuda Sentinel replacement, Mimecast offers industry-leading solutions for managing and protecting business email in an easy-to-use subscription-based service. Delivered as a SaaS-based service, Mimecast can be deployed quickly and easily with no capital investment for hardware or software. And with a fully integrated suite of services that can be managed from a single console, Mimecast delivers the ease-of-use that IT administrators require as the volume of email and threats against it continue to grow.

    Many organizations choosing Mimecast as their Barracuda Sentinel replacement appreciate Mimecast’s focus on cyber resilience. Understanding that even the best email security defenses can’t stop every attack every single time, Mimecast has created a multi-layered solution that offers best-of-breed solutions to stop most attacks, powerful continuity features to ensure access to email during attacks, and easy-to-use backup and recovery solutions that enable organizations to restore email access quickly after data has been lost or compromised by user error, technical failure or a cyberattack.

    Mimecast security solutions include:

    • Mimecast Targeted Threat Protection, delivering delivers superior protection from spam, malware, phishing and targeted attacks.
    • Secure Email Gateway, offering advanced detection capabilities to quickly identify and block spear-phishing, malware, spam and zero-day attacks.
    • URL Protect, with tools for analyzing every link in email on and off the network to access to potentially malicious URLs.
    • Attachment Protect, a service for analyzing, safely previewing and sandboxing attached files to protect against weaponized attachments.
    • Impersonation Protect, providing additional protection against malware-less, social engineering-based email attacks.
    • Internal Email Protect, for combatting threats that have landed internally or that emanate from within an organization.
    • Information protection, with content control and data leak prevention (DLP) solutions, as well as solutions that let users to securely send and receive email and large files directly from their preferred email client.
    • Security Awareness Trainingwith highly engaging, video-based training modules that successfully familiarize employees with security best practices to minimize the role of human error in successful attacks.

    Additionally, for many companies considering switching from Barracuda Essentials, Mimecast’s Email Security Gateway and comprehensive email security technology serve as a powerful Barracuda Essentials replacement.


    Why should Mimecast be your Barracuda Sentinel replacement?

    Mimecast offers a broad range of benefits for organizations seeking a Barracuda Sentinel replacement.

    • A fully integrated solution. With Mimecast, organizations get fully integrated technologies for security, compliance, continuity and archiving that are built from the ground up to function seamlessly together.
    • Support for hybrid environments. With Mimecast, organizations can easily secure hybrid environments, covering both on-premises Exchange and Exchange online, while many competitors only provide support for Microsoft Office 365.
    • Strong protection against impersonation and fraud. Many email security products rely solely on DMARC to mitigate the kind of domain spoofing that is often used in impersonation fraud. Mimecast offers DMARC but also provides multiple tools for spotting indicators of compromise and defending against malicious URLs, weaponized attachments, internal attacks and other features of impersonation attacks.
    • More options for policy management. Mimecast’s granular options for policy management provide administrators with full control, enabling policies to be applied at the domain, group and user level. Many competing products enable policies to be deployed at the domain level only.
    • Leading archive technology. Because a well-managed archive is critical to data protection, Mimecast provides a powerful cloud archive solution that has been ranked as a leader for four years straight by global analysts.
    • The power of an email security leader. With Mimecast, organizations can rest assured that they are protected by powerful solutions from a leading provider of email security technology.

    Ready To Modernize Your Email Security?

    Mimecast’s Bridge Program offers you a no-cost transition period until your existing contract ends.



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